With this early summer, we are all making a forced wardrobe change and bringing out skirts, dresses, shorts and sleeveless jackets. We also have to recognize that the bikini is also in sight because on this coming bridge, we plan to wear it without a doubt.

It is not just clothes that we bring to light, above all, our skin begins to shine, which has been hidden throughout the cold season and is now being prepared in record time. Surely now you are more careful with sun protection, moisturizing creams after the shower are beginning to be indisputable because hydration on the legs is essential in this heat and also we like to wear a tanned tone without the need for sun.

The truth is that with so much information that we have regarding sun damage and the formulas so successful in self-tanners, right now it is not necessary to sunbathe.

Among these products, there is one that stands out in the market for being the best seller and we are going to tell you why. It is the ‘Natural Bronzer Self-Tanning Mousse’ from Delial (Garnier). What is her secret to being the leader?

The secret to the best-selling self-tanning mousse

As the customers who have tried it say and we literally copied an opinion from Amazon (but it has more than 1,000, so you have a choice), we leave you this one that we loved and sums up the spirit of the product quite well:

“I am quite white-skinned, I would say folio type. I have been trying self-tanners for years and I have not seen another like this, with all the ones I tried it looked like a carrot. For me, when the heat came, it was a headache, how am I going to show your legs so white? It gives you a very pretty color, The fake brown that it gives you is like the sun but without taking it.
It is important that you exfoliate your skin well before applying it and as with all self-tanners, take care not to leave any area unapplied… Otherwise, the next day, you will laugh. The good thing is that it goes away with the washes and does not leave hives. So very good. Wonderful!” says one user.

The keys to your success

Natural, bright and uniform result, without spots or orange hues. A spectacular Caribbean gold, suitable for sensitive skin and created under dermatological control.

Vegan formula with 92% ingredients of natural origin and fragrance-free, containing a 100% plant-based tanning active ingredient and coconut water, along with vitamin E.

– The application of the self-tanner is very easy, in mousse format, so that it is distributed great.

Provides a result comparable to a week of tanning in a single application.also taking care of the skin, which you will perceive with a hydrated, healthy and radiant appearance.

Does not transfer to clothing and is quickly absorbedso you can dress in seconds.

It has a very affordable recommended price€16.50.


Garnier Self-tanning Mousse Delial Natural Bronzer with moisturizing Coconut Water – 200 ml