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An explosion occurred on the 19th at Insein Prison in Yangon, the central city and former capital of Myanmar, killing eight prison staff and civilians and injuring 15 others. rice field. Local independent media Myanmar Now and other reports said the explosion was caused by a bomb brought into the prison, and Myanmar security officials have indicated that it was a terrorist bombing. According to eyewitnesses and others, the eight people who died were not victims of the explosion, but were victims of indiscriminate shooting from the prison’s watchtower immediately after the explosion, Myanmar Now reported. there is Among the dead were three prison staff and five civilians, while 15 wounded were civilians. Japanese video journalist Toru Kubota is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence at Insein Prison, but according to the Japanese embassy, ​​Kubota was not injured. Explosion of parcel bomb at visitor center Burmese prisons, including his Insein Prison, have banned inmates from visiting their families, limiting them to interactions through lawyers. However, since family members are allowed to bring in food, clothes, medicines, and other items, the visitation desk at Insein Prison became a place to receive such gifts, and inmates’ families were packed every day. At around 9:40 am on the 19th, the parcel disguised as a delivery was believed to have been detonated by some kind of detonator, and investigators speculated that an outsider was mistakenly involved. Post-explosion photos published in Myanmar Now show the chaos left behind on the floor in front of the counter in the parcel collection area, with scattered clothes and blood on the floor. Two bombs are believed to have exploded, one inside the receiving station and another just outside. Victims of indiscriminate shooting Furthermore, according to reports, the damage was limited to the injured, perhaps because the bomb itself was not very powerful, but the guards of the watchtower who were upset by the explosion fired indiscriminately at the depository. . Eight victims were killed by the bullets. In addition, the bodies of five civilian victims were reportedly removed from the scene by prison officials quickly, but among the casualties was a delivery to imprisoned student democracy activist Lin Thet Naing. There is also information that the mother is included. Insein Prison canceled all hearings scheduled for the day at the special court set up inside the prison, and reportedly proceeded with the investigation into the explosion incident. ===== No one has claimed responsibility for the bombings so far, but security officials believe that the “People’s Defense Forces (PDF)”, an armed civil society organization that continues to resist the military government, is highly likely to have committed the bombings. We are continuing the investigation. Insein Prison is said to be one of the most notorious prisons in Myanmar due to the poor conditions in the cells and arbitrary violence by prison officers. Yuki Kitazumi, a Japanese freelance journalist who was arrested in April 2021 for “spreading false news” and was released about a month later and deported from the country, was also imprisoned in this Insein Prison. In addition, Toru Kubota, who was arrested on July 30, 2022 for violating the Immigration Control Act, etc., is currently serving time at Insein Prison after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for violating the Immigration Control Act, sedition, and electronic transaction law. So far, there have been no reports of any casualties among those in prison, and the Japanese embassy has confirmed the safety of Mr. Kubota. Will the inmates’ “reliance” disappear? Because of the terrorist bombing incident that occurred inside Insein Prison, which is known for its strict security, there is no doubt that security authorities and the prison will conduct stricter inspections of families and their belongings. In some cases, it is expected that measures will be taken to ban the provision of food and other items for the time being, and there is a possibility that there will be a backlash from inmates who see food and other items from their families as their “mainstay” and “living power”. Also, if this terrorist bombing was committed by the anti-military PDF, it can be said that it is proof that the PDF is gradually increasing its influence. I don’t think so. [執筆者] Tomohiko Otsuka (freelance journalist) Born in 1957 in Tokyo. He graduated from Kokugakuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History, and dropped out of the George Washington University Graduate School of Religious Studies. Joined the Mainichi Shimbun in 1984. After working at the Nagano branch office and in charge of the Defense Agency of the Tokyo Foreign News Department, he became the Jakarta branch manager. In 2000, he joined the Sankei Shimbun, where he served as Singapore bureau chief, and in charge of the Ministry of Defense of the Social Affairs Department. Since 2014, he has been covering Southeast Asia as a freelance reporter affiliated with Pan Asia News. His publications include “Self-Defense Forces in Asia” (Toyo Keizai Inc.), “The Road to a Democratic Nation, Jakarta Report 2000” (Shogakukan), etc. ===== ■Related videos □ CNA / YouTube .

2 explosions at Kubota’s prison in Myanmar, 8 dead

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