mambrúthe band that was formed through the television program pop stars -It was in the edition after the one of Bandana– disarmed 17 years ago. The male band was formed in a reality show like its female predecessor and was made up of Paul Silberberg, Emanuel Ntaka, German “Gut” tripel, Geronimo Rauch and Milton Amadeo.

In the last few hours, the formerBandana, Lourdes Fernandez and lissa verathey said present in the armchair of the show partners and told intimacies of those years. after Adrian pallares I told them “The other side of you would be the mambrú“, the two singers revealed why that pop group broke up.

I don’t know if you really like the comparison“, jerk Mariana Brey after looking at the annoyed faces of the two guests on the He Thirteen. About, lourdes He said without filters and with his classic irony: “we hated them“.

Us when it was the election of the mambrú we were very full. In fact, I found out Spain what were they called mambrú because my brother sent me an email dying of laughter“, shot lissa to complement the information of her friend and colleague.

They took that success that you had. It was the same in var versionones,” he added Virginia Gallardo. For his part, lourdes expressed: “What I understood is that mambrú it was short-term because they reneged a little on what they had come looking for“.

Then he added: “That seemed strange to me because we, last of all, fell into a place where they said: ‘If you like to sing and dance, come’. We discovered on the fly what it was like and what they proposed to us: to put together a band of five girls“.

At that moment, lissa He closed the topic by saying: “On the other hand, the Mambrú knew what they were going for and ended up throwing a shoe at people more or less. One rebelled and ended the entire heavy metal medium. They couldn’t even see each other.“.

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