Matthew Palaciosbetter known as Thunder, broke into as his nickname indicates in a scene that began to wake up simultaneously to the arrival of his adolescence. With music always present in your homeflowed naturally between rap and hardcore.

When I was a boy, he stood out for his talent for improvising in freestyle battles, but he was not old enough to sign up to compete in the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters. But time accommodated everything and learned to rub shoulders with greats naturally.

In a few months, he got tired of filling stadiums, playing on the radio, he even sang with Gorillaz, he also put together a session for the Tiny Desk at his house and last night he crowned this spectacular year by taking the Gardel de Oro 2023 for La Boca. In this note, we tell you 5 facts you didn’t know about Thunder.

Thunder with the Gardel de Oro at the 2023 Gardel Awards
Thunder with the Gardel de Oro at the 2023 Gardel Awards

Her dad is an icon of the hardcore scene in Buenos Aires.

Peter Dangerthe dad of Thunderwas part of the historic band Different Youth Attitudes. He is Uruguayan and also explored rap in the nineties under the nickname MC Danger. He is also a circus artist from the Catalina Sur collective, as well as being one of those responsible for Sur Capital Clicka in Comuna 4. It was right there, during a sound check, that he discovered the talent of his son. Now, Pedro supports him in the choirs on stage.

Trueno and Pedro Peligro, several years ago. (Photo: File)

Trueno’s past as a Youtuber

Thunder also had its way through Youtube.

Like almost everyone born in the Internet age, post 2000, Trueno wanted to be a Youtuber. In 2014 he tried his luck with his first channel on that platform and in his videos he encouraged different challenges. Little by little, he added humor to his publications and, eventually, the improvised rap that laid the foundations of his bars in freestyle.

He participated in a PakaPaka children’s program with Wos

So much Thunder as Wos they stood out as children in a scene that, although they listened to them, looked at them out of the corner of their eyes because of their age. Internet – and then the production of pakapaka– They did not take long to work their magic and found the participation of both in programs on the children’s channel.

He is the grandson of Uruguayan singer-songwriter Yamandú Palacios.

As mentioned earlier in this note, his father Pedro Danger He was born on the other side of the Río de la Plata. His father, grandfather of Thunderwas a pillar in Uruguayan popular singing: his name was Yamandú Palacios and with his guitar he composed the most sensitive verses.

In 1967 he published his first album, in 1973 success came to him for poet to the southand by 1975 he had to go into exile due to the military dictatorship that had just been installed in that country. In Europe he toured large cities with his guitar on his back. With the return of democracy, he returned to the South. However, in 1997 she went back to Europe. and settled in Spain, whereand collaborated with musicians of the stature of Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat.

Trueno is a green belt in Taekwondo

Some point out that Thunder He has a sporting past. Although he always played soccer in schools and in the neighborhood pasture, he is also encouraged by boxing and holds a green belt in Taekwondo for his knowledge in that discipline.

Thunder playing little games in the Bombonera. (Photo: File)

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