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Music performed in Taiwan by popular Korean-American rapper Jay Park (35) Appeared at the event “Spaceport Festival”. In the middle of the performance, a video that captures how bras are thrown onto the stage from multiple fans has become a hot topic. It seems that fans who saw the video gave Park the nickname “Bra Collector”. ■[Video]Jay Park’s stage where bras thrown from the audience flew in disorder His Park performed a sexy performance with the final song “Mommae” on October 10th. A video posted to YouTube shows Park stripping off his shirt and becoming shirtless just before he starts singing. Then, the audience’s enthusiasm reached a climax, and multiple fans began throwing bras at the park. Park doesn’t seem offended, instead picking up a bra and throwing it over his shoulder as he sings. And finally, he posed with two bras, purple and red. According to the news site NextShark, it was Park’s first visit to Taipei in over three years, and it must have been an unforgettable night for him as well. Park seems to have brought back fans’ bras, and reportedly gave one of them to Chou when he performed with his friend Taiwanese rapper Nick Chow on the third day of the event. A video of the moment was posted on Twitter with the following caption: “Generous King Jay Park tells Nickthereal ‘I have a present’… and gives him a bra.” In the video, Park hands Chow a red bra. Described as a “bra collector” by some fans In a video shared by another user, Park gives a purple bra to Korean-American rapper pH-1, who also performed at the event. “Jay Park is so sweet giving Harry (pH-1) a bra,” wrote this user. The incident quickly became a hot topic on social media, with some fans beginning to refer to Park as a “bra collector.” “Jay Park from ‘Bra Collector’, where’s your panties? (Laughter) You’ve got to throw your panties on stage to make a set,” wrote one user. ===== Sexy “gifts” are no longer a specialty? Another user commented, “Jay Park, aka ‘Mr. Wonsoju’, aka ‘Bra Collector'” (Wonsoju is a soju brand produced by Park). Some users claim Park has a Victoria’s Secret lingerie collection. “I’m waiting for Jay Park to open his Victoria’s Secret because he’ll have the whole collection by now.” But actually, such happenings are not uncommon at Park concerts. When asked on Twitter about the number of bras she received from fans during her 2019 world tour “Sexy 4eva,” Park joked, “Over 784 bras, panties, condoms, pregnancy tests, counterfeit bills, etc.” ing. Spaceport Festival will be held from October 8th to 10th at Dajia Riverside Park, Zhongshan District, Taipei City. and other international artists. .

A bra thrown from the audience flies in disorder…Korean rapper, enthusiastic stage video

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