Maria Jose Rierathe mother and also producer of Lali Espositois close to launching his fiction debut on the screen of Telemundo International. The new series is a romantic comedyis called Loli’s Luck and it is an original creation of hers together with Lorraine Miraglia.

He showrunner is Mark Santanawhich also did The Queen of the South. It opens in Argentina next Monday May 1st. It should be noted that the first chapter was nominated for the Emmy Awards

Loli’s Luckis a comedy about two totally opposite friends, who face an event that will abruptly change the life of one of them… I don’t want to tell everything! they will have to see it, “she advanced with emotion Nice.

“La suerte de Loli” premieres this Monday on the Telemundo Internacional screen. (Photo: Mouth PR)

As they advanced, the series promotes inclusion and diversity, ready to break down stereotypes and captivate the audience with a funny and moving story. In addition, it proposes a wide range of characters and its plots do not fall into any common place.

A scene from “Loli’s luck”. (Photos: Social Networks)

The cast brings together the best of Latin America: it stars Silvia Navarro (Monte Cristo), Osvaldo Benavides (remembered for his participation in The Good Doctor), Joaquin Ferreira (El Potro, Crows Club), Alexander Lopez (Passion of Hawks), Christian Chavez (Rebel, The House of Flowers), Gisella Aboumrad (the fan), robert escobar (blood line), Carlos Ponce (Luis Miguel: the series), among many others who are part of the cast.

The production facet of Majo Riera

Maria Jose Riera, better known as Majo Rierais the person who accompanied Lali Esposito since she was little in her path as an artist. The pop star told in more than one interview that his mother was health visitorand that he left the profession to dedicate himself fully to his daughter’s career.

Majo started working in the entertainment industry in the Argentine production company ‘Non Stop Digital’ in the year 2001. There she grew professionally and gained a lot of experience in different productions. By 2014, he had already created his own production company, ‘Cinemática Films’.

Besides, was in charge of carrying out Lali’s first showsboth in Argentina and in the tours he did in Europe, Israel, Uruguay and Chile.

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