Since the year 2016, Patricia Banegas, made her public appearance in the media, claiming to be the unrecognized sister of Rocio Marengo, with whom he would share father. Well, he mentioned that his motherMaria del Carmen Banegashad an affair with Alejandro Marengo in the past, even long before the birth of the model who today keeps her life away from the media.

“I am looking for my identity like many people”, insisted at the time. Assuring that he was not looking for money or fame. Years later, the woman reappeared and she revealed that After undergoing a DNA test, his link with the famous woman was confirmed.

It was this Wednesday in ‘A La Tarde’, that Patricia told all the details of her story. According to her, she explained, she was on May 10 that he finally learned the result of the DNA test that came back positive, and it would end the mystery of his identity.

In the year 2016, Patricia made her first appearance on television.

“It was a story like many, nothing materialized and I was left in the care of my maternal grandparents. They were young... I didn’t have time to ask my mother,” she said about her parents’ romance, and that is that her mother died when she was just 15 years old.

It should be noted that in addition to Patricia, there would be another half-brother identified as 21-year-old Juan Alejo Marengo, who took legal action for the succession of his father.

Did Rocío Marengo know of its existence?

Patricia assured that she felt better when she obtained the test result, as she remembered that she spent many years of “Sadness, for having been denigrated by those who are my brothers today. Both Rocío and Soledad and Agustín…”, he reproached.

When asked about the knowledge that the famous woman had about her existence and the relationship that united them, she expressed:

“Rocío out there says I never knew… But they always knew that I was there.”

Likewise, she explained that her father recognized her socially, and also her cousins, as well as part of the Marengo family, but she could not relate to her brothers.

“The relationship with my dad was very good, I was very happy,” he said. And then he added: “Today, as I am an adult, I have forgiven and I know how to forgive all the bad moments that I have gone through. Today I can say my father because I have positive DNA”he insisted on the evidence that he has in his hands and that he supports his words.

Rocío Marengo today, stays away from the media.

The meeting that Rocío Marengo and Patricia, her new sister, had face to face

He said that a few years ago they met at a party, and He faced Rocío Marengo and told her that she was his older sister and he wanted to meet her, right next to his father. “She just wanted to know if I had her last name… I have feelings and I don’t look at her as the famous one, I see her as my sister.”

“I am looking for my identity, I am not looking for an approach to Rocío because she is famous”insisted on chatting with Karina Mazzocco and the panel.

The exhumation of his father’s body: the method for obtaining DNA samples

After several hearings with his father, Alejandro Marengo He would have signed agreeing to take a DNA test and acknowledging that it was his daughter, but later he regretted it and did not appear on the day of the appointment.

“I wanted a DNA test because that would give me security… It was the only way I was going to be calm. Then he said no, because if he was so similar to Rocío, it was not necessary, “he recalled about the talk they had later.

Some time later, on November 1, 2018, her father passed away, and with his death came the request from Patricia’s lawyer. to exhum the corpse and thus finally obtain the DNA samples. On that day, he said that the only one who showed up was the youngest son.

Rocío Marengo’s word when she was asked about her half-sister years ago

A few years ago, when Patricia Banegas first appeared on television, Rocío referred to the subject. “My brothers are Sol and Agustín, and I have a half brother who is recognized by my father… From now on, the children that he recognizes, if my father introduces us, everything will be fine,” he said at the time.

However, he later noted: “I can’t take care of something they say on TV, my dad would have to tell me,” and closed by saying: “For me she chose the wrong place, she would have to talk to my dad… It is very irresponsible that it is because of similarities… I am happy to recognize what my dad presents because I respect him,” he said.

In ‘A La Tarde’ they mentioned that they contacted the model, and that after answering them very kindly, she pointed out that at the moment she had nothing to declare about this situation.

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