With 28 years apartage was not a problem for the love story they live Santo Biasatti (77) and Carolina Fal (48). Neither were family inmates, nor a secret marriage that brought various disputes to light.

The couple carries 16 years together and has two daughters in common : Sofiaborn in 2011, and Lucyin 2013. They met in 2005when Santos was in charge of the Channel 13 news program and Fal was one of the most talented actresses on television.

At the time, the romance revolutionized public opinion. Not only because of the age difference, but also because of the public profile of both. He kept a highly reserved profile and she used to have frequent media appearances.

The then actress made her TV debut in 1990 with “Treble clef”, and participated in “Risk Zone”, “The Golden Rocket Band” and “Resistiré”, for which she won a Martín Fierro for Best Actress. Additionally, she was nominated for a Silver Condor for Best Actress for her role in “Monobloc”, film by Luis Ortega and participated in several films, such as “The Maria Soledad Morales case”.

However, false decided to get out of the public eye, He left acting and in 2007 began to study medicine, career from which he finally received in 2014 at the Austral University. Currently, she practices at the Muñiz Hospital.

Carolina Fal and Santo Biasatti have been together for 18 years

They met through mutual friends at an event, when he was still in a relationship with Ana Petrovic. Shortly after he divorced his wife, with whom he already had two childrenand moved to Puerto Madero to begin a love story that continues to this day.

Two years ago, when the couple had already been together for 14 years, they got married in secret. The news It fell like a bomb on the journalist’s family and a family internship broke out. At the time, there was talk about a fight between the children of Santo’s previous marriage and the journalist would have chosen to invite only Mariano to the celebration, with whom he spent more time, since he was the producer of his program in Crónica.

That day, Santo did not change his agenda or communicate it to his colleagues and colleagues. He carried out his program in Crónica, Santo Día, and then went to complete his radio cycle on AM 990.

But, things would have been more complicated. The journalist assured at that time that her son Marcelo had separated from his ex-partner and, upon returning to the country after a business trip, found that her brother, Mariano, was in a relationship with that same woman.

He The scandal became public when Agostina, Biasatti’s granddaughter and Mariano’s daughter, expressed her anger with the journalist, after learning through the media that she had secretly married her partner, in an intimate ceremony to which she was not invited.

Days after the wedding, Agostina -who is a 26-year-old journalist- had admitted feeling “hurt”, although he considered that the union of the couple was “beautiful news”.

Fortunately, the disputes between grandfather and granddaughter were resolved and at the beginning of April they shared a television set for the first time on the news program RePerfilAr (Net TV). The young Agostina pointed to The nation that although she was angry with her grandfather, the conflict was in the past: “It was a matter of the moment that was arranged very well and luckily it did not affect our relationship.”

Meanwhile, the love story between Biasati and Fal continues away from the cameras.

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