Social networks always lend themselves to show or publicize incredible events that the vast majority of people cannot understand how or why they happen.

In the last few hours The story of an elderly woman who miraculously survived after being attacked by a man has gone viral. alligator.

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Attacks by these animals have become very common in the United States. A few months ago a similar one occurred, but in Florida.

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Her name is Elsie Kyle andShe suffered fractures in her legs after said two-meter animal attacked her while she was walking her pet.

The 82-year-old woman started a legal process against the community where she lives for the damages she had to face alone.

The events, according to the American media ‘The Telegraph’ occurred as follows:

Kyle was walking normally with her dog named Lulu, but suddenly, out of nowhere, she was intercepted by the reptile near an artificial lake around her home in South Carolina, United States.

I looked down and saw the huge alligator, it was pretty big, especially since I’m only 5’1″ and I got goosebumpsthe woman said.

In addition, he stated that he tried to flee, but the alligator came out of the water and bit both of her legs, but from the same energy and adrenaline he did not feel any pain.

The woman stuck her finger in the animal’s eye so she could fight it and she remembers that it was very wet and disgusting.

However, this generated more anger to the green animal, who attacked her with more force. For this reason, she had to scream very hard so that the neighbors or someone close to the place could help her.

Said woman was able to let go of the animal’s teeth until They hit the alligator on the head with a shovel so that it would stop hurting her.

The Caiman is a genus of crocodiles, commonly known as alligators or alligators. They are distributed in the subtropical and tropical regions of America, from Florida, United States.


Gudilfredo Avendano

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As the 82-year-old woman was taken to a hospital for treatment, the medical assistants thought that it was very difficult for the woman to survive the attack.

For this reason, Kyle had to undergo several surgeries so that his legs were in the best shape and were not amputated.

“I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve been through. The alligator didn’t kill me, but it certainly took what was left of a normal life from me.”, he expressed through an interview in the medium ‘The Telegraph’.


Finally, she assured that she was always aware of the presence of these animals where she lives.

But he assured that his behavior was because the inhabitants of these places were creating artificial habitats and therefore the alligators became more dangerous.

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