Gustavo Melgarejo He is one of the seven defendants for aggravated concealment in the context of the alleged femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowskiand also worked as a landlord for the seine family. On this occasion, the defendant decided to extend his testimony in the hearings for the formulation of charges and reading of the almost 200 pieces of evidence collected by the Special Prosecutor Team, where he broke down and admitted that he was forced to lie.

The prosecutor Jorge Caceres Oliverawho is in charge of the case of the young woman who is missing since June 2 and for which it is investigated an alleged homiciderevealed that the landlord said he had received a visit from a lawyer during his detention period and asked him to plant false leads.

Cecilia Strzyzowski.  Photo file.
Cecilia Strzyzowski. Photo file.

The man had previously stated that he saw Cecilia gagged and still alive in the back seat of a truck with César Sena, he reported. telam from legal sources. However, in the new statement, the landlord warned that he saw César Sena in the morning without marks on his face and that in the afternoon he saw him with scratches, something that coincides with the evidence in the file, a piece of information of vital importance for the prosecution.

For his part, Cesar Seine and his parents, Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuñahusband and in-laws, respectively, of Cecilia Strzyzowski, they refused to testify when summoned to expand their inquiries in the framework of the case in which they are charged and detained for the femicide of the 28-year-old girl who has been missing since June 2 in Resistencia, Chaco, judicial sources reported.

Cecilia Strzyzowski case: they seek to extract DNA from the human bones they found

The unstoppable search by investigators and relatives of Cecilia Strzyzowski to find the whereabouts of the young woman who has disappeared since June 1. This afternoon the Chaco Institute of Medicine and Forensic Sciences began to analyze the skeletal remains found in Tragadero Rivernear the Emerenciano neighborhood.

The first and most important proof that the specialists found is that These are definitely human bones. The next step will be to be able to reveal if they are about the missing young woman, who is suspected, after being murdered, would have been crushed to leave no trace of her corpse.

In Noticias América, forensic doctor Fernando Cardini explained how it is possible to know the identity of a person through their bones. “If the bones are buried under different terrain, under water, burned or calcined, they can also be taken as a referential sample,” he began by saying.

That is why to find the identity of the same s can be done in two ways: via documentary, through the comparison of fingerprints, or genetic pathway, performing analysis between biological samples (blood or saliva) provided by potential relatives and those obtained from the unidentified corpse.

“The reality is that the free samples are the most difficult to analyze, so it is always preferable to have a dental part to examine. For example, it can be done with the dentin that is extracted inside a tooth from a skull, although It has been cremated. In general, the humidity of the mouth or even the enamel of the teeth helps to find the DNA more easily, “concluded the specialist.

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