In a platform video tiktoka mother openly expressed her despair and exhaustion at the demands of the breeding during the summer.

His words captured the attention of many viewers, who identified with his feelings of frustration and overwhelm. In the midst of her words, the mother shared her perspective on parenting these days.

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In a viral video, Helena, known as @mami.de_tres on the short video platform, shared her personal experience and expressed his frustration by having their three children home all day.

With obvious irritation, the mother expressed her opinion about those who judge without truly understanding their situation.

“I think these people, I swear to you, they don’t have children or, if they do, they just give them a tablet and leave them at home all day. Because having children at home, let me tell you, it’s torture“said the mother.

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“I’m already desperate and I say it with a capital letter, with bold and fluorescent underlining”

The video was recorded on the first day without school, and just at 9 in the morning the mother of three was expressing her discontent.

Through tears, he revealed his anguish to see that their children woke up at 7:30 in the morning, despite having put them to bed at almost midnight the day before.

He also commented that he does not want his children to get used to technological devices and stated: “It is that there is no one to entertain themThey only know how to entertain themselves with consoles or tablets and I don’t want to give them the console from 8:30 in the morning.”

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The mother clarified that she cannot simply take the children to the park at 7:30 in the morning and leave them there while she attends to her responsibilities.

He concluded by expressing his despair and anticipating the coming months. With an exhausted tone and making it clear that she isn’t asking for much by wanting time to do chores, she ends with a “What a long summer awaits me!”.

The discontent of many Internet users has caused her account to be suspended and she states that it is because apparently “the world is not ready for a mother to tell the truth, nor for her to tell the truth.” Likewise, she expresses that motherhood is very hard and that, like many women, she cries, collapses and gets stressed.

Dedicated to talking about motherhood with humor, Helena has about 366 thousand followers on TikTok and 15 thousand 600 ‘likes’. He hopes to continue sharing his experiences and, among other things, the plans that come to mind for the long summer ahead.

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