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Google unveiled its Pixel 7 series of phones at its Made by Google event earlier this month. The lineup will consist of his base Pixel 7 and high-end Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

Now, the American tech giant appears to be preparing to unveil another Pixel model called the Pixel 7 Mini. Google recently released the source code for the Pixel 7 series.

In particular, the source code references two upcoming Pixel models, including the Pixel Fold and smaller Pixel phones. In other words, the search engine giant is gearing up to launch his third phone in the Pixel 7 series.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but more important information about the purported third Pixel phone has surfaced online.Featured Developer Kuba Wojciechowski has published a new source code repository for Google’s 7 series.

Interestingly, the latest source code has direct references to devices codenamed Felix and Lynx. Felix is ​​probably the codename assigned to Google’s first foldable phone, which launched under the name Pixel Fold.

Meanwhile, codenamed Lynx could be the third model in the Pixel 7 series. This could be either his rumored Pixel 7 Ultra or Pixel 7 Mini. However, it’s worth mentioning here that both monikers have yet to be confirmed.

In summary, the Pixel 7 Ultra has recently appeared online in the form of leaks. Meanwhile, details about the Pixel Mini are still scarce. According to newly released code, the Google Lynx will house a dual camera setup powered by Sony’s IMX712 sensor.

The device will have an ultra-wide-angle camera and a selfie shooter. Additionally, Lynx is unlikely to feature the same his BCM4389 WiFi/BT chip that powers the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7.

Google Lynx could get Qualcomm’s WCN6740 instead. The device will also reportedly feature the S6E3FC3 series panel seen in the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and Pixel 6a models.

Some reports suggest the Pixel 7 Ultra will come with a 2k display, but the S6E3FC3 display panel is capped at 1080 pixels. Google is unlikely to use a lower quality display for the Pixel 7 Ultra than his Pixel 7 Pro model.

So Lynx seems to be alluding to a smaller Pixel 7 Mini. Alternatively, the device could launch as the Google Pixel 7a next year.

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A third Pixel model could be coming soon –

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