The Milan Design week has been the setting for the presentation of the spectacular Maserati GranTurismo Ouroboros. Although it is important to note that this car is totally virtual.

The creation of this Maserati one-off has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the Japanese company Fragments and the street culture artist Hiroshi Fujiwara.

This model has a design that refers to certain classic reminiscences from several iconic models of the Italian brand. In fact, the Ouroboros represents the union between the past and the present of the Maserati family.

For example, the front has certain similarities with the A6GCS Berlinetta Pininfarinathe side air vents come from the 3500 GT, the round headlights are reminiscent of the Maserati Type 151 and the semi faired rims of the Bora from the 70s. As for the rear, the style of the shamal from the 80s and 90s, especially with their pilots.

“The GranTurismo Ouroboros has been conceived as a visual and cultural link between the different eras of Maserati design and the current generation of the GranTurismo,” Fujiwara explained.

“We worked with the Maserati team to connect the pinnacle of technology and performance they have today with the style icons that have spawned and fueled the myth over the decades.” added.

Unfortunately, Maserati has no plans to carry out production of this very special car in the real world.

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