british singer Adelerecognized for her talent and because in recent years she had a great change in her physical appearance, revealed in one of her concerts at ‘Caesars Palace’ to all the spectators, that developed a case of fungal infection during his stay in Las Vegas.

To the astonishment of the attendees, she stated that this was due to the fact that while performing her shows she had to submit to high temperatures, performing under incandescent lights on stage, which made her sweat tirelessly, in addition to the spanx suit she wore on her legs. presentations. The spanx is a kind of shapewear.

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One of her fans shared this revelation in a video on social networks in which the singer expresses: “I sweat a lot and that sweat is not going anywhere, I am basically sitting in my own sweat, so my doctor diagnosed me with jock itch”.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Jock itch is a fungal infection that causes an itchy rash on warm, moist areas of the body, such as the groin and inner thighs. Adele made jokes during the show stating that these types of infections they make her look like she is a well-known athlete in the world of basketballa joke that alludes to the relationship that the singer has with Rich Paul, a sports agent and founder of ‘Klutch Sports Group’.

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The British singer also told, with a laugh, the medicines that had to be applied to the area of ​​infection, assuring that the ointment had to “drip” and that this comment it would be a reason for the press to claim that he had some kind of body acne.

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On the other hand, the artist expressed that she felt somewhat nervous about returning to the stage, after taking a vacation in Miami with some of her friends, however, she also He confessed that he was happy to make his appearance at his upcoming concerts.


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