The model and former vedette Adriana Brodsky was visiting the program hosted by flower of the V, intruders (America)where he reviewed his life and career, and of course he did not leave behind who was his partner and the father of his childrenTata Yofre.

“My marriage was more social than anything else, you know perfectly well that I was married to a politician and all his people were there. Also, I was more involved in the world of being a mother than focused on what he did,” he began by telling.

Then he continued, “My children are Panamanian, they were born in Panama. As far as I remember, I was only at a meal with politicians, they called us and I had to go. The food was normal, we were the wives of politicians too, the deepest things or strong I suppose they talk to each other and you will never find out”.

Adriana Brodsky remembered Alberto Olmedo with a strong revelation: “Every day I talk to him”

March 5 marked the 30th anniversary of the death of the capocomic Alberto Olmedo and this image, with Adriana Brodsky, was emblematic of its time

Every time the opportunity presents itself, Adriana Brodsky does not fail to mention Alberto Olmedo. They worked together and were part of those who marked an era of Argentine humor. Naming it generates a nostalgia that is hard for him to contain. As often happens, this noon in It’s over there He referred to the capocomico again and commented that Alberto is still present in his life.

In the middle of the interview, Adriana made an unexpected revelation. “I speak with the Negro. Yes I’m crazy”commented and the members of the program that leads William Andean they were stunned. Then she delved into the talks she has with Olmedo: “I never put photos of myself in my house. The only one I have is one that I am with the Black and with beatrice solomon. When I leave the house I touch their noses so that they give me a lot of ‘merd’ in my day”.

On the other hand, he made reference to the moment in which Olmedo died. “I was working at Carlos Paz when El Negro died. I was the only one of the cast that that summer did not go to Mar del Plata. We had many plans for that time, a movie. We worked from Monday to Monday, 24 hours a day. He was a very special being,” she recalled.

He also did not miss the opportunity to refer to the times he worked with one of the most outstanding actors that Argentine cinema has produced. In this regard he commented: “It was different. I studied a tremendous choclo and he improvised. There are beings that are born with that gift. Just looking at the camera made people laugh. He did not need text, he invented everything. He was a great forerunner ”.

On the other hand, she recalled the moment in which she became pregnant, in the 80’s, in full success of the Olmedo cycles. “When I got pregnant it was a miracle from God, I thought I couldn’t have children. I had tried with my first marriage and nothing had happened. When I met Tata Yofre and got pregnant I didn’t even think about it, I went with him and left everything behind. There is nothing in the world that can surpass my children”.

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