The model and former vedette Adriana Brodsky It had a great presence in various media in Argentina and multiple productions. Currently, Adriana turned to the business sector and decided to open a bar with her son Javier. In an interview for intruders How was born the idea of ​​undertaking this project that today bears the name Fontana Bar.

At first it seemed crazy to me because Javier came up with it in the middle of a pandemic. While everyone was closing, it occurred to him to open it, but over time I realized that he has more vision than me and he showed it to me with his fresh, young, energetic look. I would have said no directly, but he convinced me. He always bet on the country, on his roots, he gambled and I like that. He suggested that I join and I loved it, “he replied Adriana.

In addition, Javier recounted “The idea of ​​a family business has always come. Fontana works at night, very well for a month, it was just born. The name has to do with the fountain that is in the garden. We noticed that and it was the that we liked the most. We have cocktails with seven drinks named after sources from different countries and signature cuisine, from sweet potato fritters, provoleta, milanesa de entraña, bife de chorizo, salmon, gizzard taco, and very good vegetarian options too You can get to know us by visiting us and through our Instagram.”

Adriana Brodsky talked about her children Javier and Agustina, 31 and 32 years old.

The actress and former vedette Adriana Brodsky was visiting the program of Georgina Rosabeard, to the Barbarossa where he reviewed his career and personal life. During the interview, the woman mentioned her two children, Javier (31) and Agustina (32)fruit of her marriage to Juan Bautista “Tata” Yofre and assured that “it was a gift of life”.

“You learn to be a mom, I think there are a lot of them that I don’t think I found out. There is a lot in my sixth sense, intuition, that thing we have from being a mom to know when to say something, or At what point are the boys able to understand something or listen to you, because if you don’t speak and they don’t listen to you,” Adriana began by explaining.

“It is part of upbringing, we are not born knowing. I made countless mistakes, you learn from them, and the best thing I had in life was having these boys. I have no words, it is a feeling that surpasses everything you can imagine, for 32 years “, she closed excitedly.

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