The thirteen prepares a new television bet that includes chinese leuniswho was the host of ‘El Hotel de los Famosos’ and El Pollo Alvarez, who until a few days ago was seen in ‘Nosotros a la Mañana’.

Now, they will be seen together in a program that will be presented in magazine format that will be called ‘Little Correct’, and although its date has not yet been defined, it is expected that it will be on the air in mid-July or August at 5:00 p.m., as it transpired.

Undoubtedly, this conducting duo was a surprise for viewers, but what few know is that it is not the first time that celebrities have worked together on a project. In the past, they met on the screen, and in the last photos they shared a retro photo of the moment that did not go unnoticed on the networks.

The image dates from 2017, when they were classmates ‘Area 18’, a program broadcast by Tyc Sports where they had a lot of fun and had visibility in the media. In addition, they had the presence of Nacho Goano and Luli Fernández.

The good vibes between Chino Leunis and El Pollo Álvarez

After that program that united them, the drivers showed over the years the good bond of companions that they managed to forge. In fact, three years ago they got together to record a rather special interview.

In that occasion, Alvarez Chicken interviewed chinese leunis from their car while they toured the city, and they not only talked about their professional life, they also told details of their private and family life.

“I love you very much, you know that I admire you and we have known each other for a long time. I kept breaking it…”, Álvarez told his colleague.

What they did not expect is that six years later, they would meet again in a new project. And they are putting their chest to their next appearance on television, together, because, as they have shown in their personal accounts, they began their meetings with the entire production team to bet everything on this new cycle.

The words of the drivers after announcing their new program, ‘Poco Correctos’

In a recent interview they gave to El Trece, chinese leunis He expressed his happiness for this opportunity to do a program together again. “I am immensely happy. It’s been a while since we’ve been dreaming with El Pollo of doing something together. Well, she arrived the day. We are friends. And this is going to unite us much more. On, the team is dream“, he expressed.

For his part, El Pollo said: “I’m happy with this new project. Luckily We have been friends with Chino for many years.We already worked together and now we meet again. We are very happy with the team we have“, he insisted.

El Pollo Álvarez and Chino Leunis talked about the program that they will host together from August
El Pollo Álvarez and Chino Leunis talked about the program that they will host together from August

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