Matias Martin (52) live some unforgettable days in Spain: traveled to Malaga to receive an award from the Ondas Globales Awards for the podcast for his work in “The last days of Maradona”a joint production with Spotify which was published in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

As if that were not enough, an unforeseen event made her daughter Mine (17) was stranded in the country to which he was going. “I picked her up my daughter who comes from an intense, exciting and moving journey. he took a trip linked to the holocaust and visits to concentration camps, some of which are kept absolutely the same. the truth that a level of intensity that not everyone resists”, he explained with admiration for the audience of Everything happens (Urban Play).

Due to a failed stopover they lost a plane, she was stranded in Spain so I made her stay. we meet and unexpectedly a very beautiful meeting came out, very excitingand these four days that I have here I am sharing them hand in hand with her”, she recounted with joy.

Matías Martin, proud father, shared the news with his audience. (Photo: Captures)

Matías Martin and Mia: the unscheduled meeting in which they shared the red carpet

“All this came out without thinking or planning it, a trip that is obviously called to be unforgettable for me”, he assured with a voice broken with emotion.

Matías did not hesitate to be sensitive and deepened the desire for this plan, which was finally fulfilled in an unexpected way: “I always had the idea and the desire to take a trip with each of my children. But I thought that I was not going to be able to take a trip alone with my daughter”.

Of course, the invitation for the teenager included a visit to the Malaga red carpet. “Imagine, for a 17-year-old girl, accompanied by her father, the word red carpet was like: ‘I don’t have a dress, I don’t have shoes’, elementary concerns‘”, he joked while the mobile camerawoman laughed at the truths that his father was telling.

Mia Martin chose purple for her red carpet look. (Photos: Social Networks)

The study trip of Mia Martin and Charo Calamaro

The model Natalia Graciano (46) shared a carousel of photos where she is seen with Matías Martin (52) and her daughter mia martin (17), ready to take off alone for the first time towards a new destination.

The words that accompanied the post were very tender: “And so we leave Ezeiza, saying goodbye for this trip that you are doing alone for the first time, which will mark a before and after in your life. ‘Marching through life’ is always the way ❤️”, he pointed out with a touch of nostalgia.

As reflected in the same comments, the teenager traveled with her group of friends, including charo calamaro (17), the daughter of Andrés Calamaro (61) and Julieta Cardinali (45).

On their social networks, The daughter of the singer and the actress showed that they both flew to Poland and Tel Aviv, on the occasion of a trip organized by the school in which they coincide. Both shared beautiful postcards of a mobilizing and unforgettable experience.

Charo Calamaro shared these postcards from the trip they took together. (Photos: Social Networks)
One of the postcards that Mia Martin shared, along with her friends, enjoying a pizza on the go in Tel Aviv. (Photo: Social Networks)

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