Driver, Jorge Rial raised a great controversy a few days ago, after talking about his divorce with the nutritionist, Romina Pereiro, from whom he separated at the beginning of 2022. Although at that time the journalist avoided giving details about their separation and asked for respect, other details have now been released about how the relationship ended and the bond they currently maintain.

After the sayings of rialwhere he accused his ex of yelling at him and that pereiro ensure otherwise, Jorge gave a note to THE M and claimed it was a joke. “It was all a joke, you know that on Fridays I fuck. It’s all resolved, we talk on weekends, everything is barbaric” explained Jorgedenying any kind of problem between them.

The new life of Silvia D’Auro, Jorge Rial’s ex

After separating from the journalist, Jorge Rial In 2011, after twenty years of relationship, Silvia D’Auro it changed his life completely. First, the woman decided to get away from her daughters, who accuse her of having abandoned them, including the influencer, More Rial He confessed that he will sue him. Besides, Silvia settled in San martin de los andesHe has a new partner and an advertising agency has been opened.

adoptive mother of Morena and Rocio RiaHe decided to radically change his life by settling in San Martín de los Andes, where he seeks to live in peace and tranquility surrounded by the Patagonian forests. The town located in Neuquén became his and his family’s home, since his parents are from there.

Despite the tranquility that he found in the place, after a few years he decided to return to the City of Buenos Aires. There, he began working in the world of advertising, from an office in Palermo. contacts to Silviathey were not a problem, since he had them from his time managing the commercial relations of Jorge.

As for his love relationships, Silvia managed to rediscover love and is dating a man from Patagonia, whose name is Sergio “Pacifier” Herrero, a local political leader.

On the other hand, since Silvia and Jorge decided to put an end to their relationship, the versions were installed in the media that D’Auro had threatened his ex, with exhibiting material that compromised rial. the same Jorge He never came out to deny or confirm it. Yes it was known that D’AuroAfter the divorce, he obtained an important division of assets, which would be around 8 million dollars.s. “Today I would have a private plane if I had not separatedo” declared the driver at the time.

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