This week’s GENTE digital cover shooting took place in the enormous old mansion of the Multitalent talent agency. After choosing the looks and minutes before starting to put on makeup, Agustina Casanova (37) admits that she still has not been able to recover from the coverage of the Martín Fierro awards on Monday, July 9.

“I worked a lot -like everyone else- but, this time, I can say that I also enjoyed the red carpet. It is my fourth participation in the Martín Fierro and I always live them with a lot of professional demand because I know, perfectly well, that the whole country is watching them , but this year I set out -as a personal challenge- to go through them in another way: cover the gala and also have fun. I think I did it and I’m tired but super happy, “he says.

-Obligatory question: What was the look that you liked the most?

-I loved Natalia Oreiro and her Carmine Red look with crystals and the bare back by María Gorof. She was a dream dress and she knew how to wear it like no one else: she is a queen.

– Were you surprised by the winner of any shortlist in particular?

-The truth is that I did not expect the tie in the shortlist for Best Sports Program but I know that this type of resolutions have been taken in other awards -worldwide- such as the Oscars. I think that the public did not expect this decision and, perhaps, for this reason, there was some criticism, but the reality is that it was not an APTRA invention, far from it.

Agustina Casanova covered the red carpet at the Martín Fierro for Telefe on Monday, July 9.

Did you think it was fair? Big Brother has stayed with the Martín Fierro de Oro?

-For me it was a pleasure that I won because I -besides being a fan of the format- covered it every day on the Telefe newscast and also did my show column based on Big Brother in Telefe News, at 20 hours. You can imagine that I feel like I know these guys almost as if they were part of my family (Laughs) and the ratings peaks that the show achieved are going to be hard to beat: people incorporated GH into their lives and made it a phenomenon special.

-It must be difficult to make a thank-you speech -interesting and brief- without getting nervous…

Yes, I was thinking about that on Monday. I was never nominated but -if it happened and I also won- I would thank my co-workers and my family. Nothing original but fair and concise.

Agustina Casanova collects mates and has more than 20 in her house.

Agustina Casanova and her references in journalism

Agustina Casanova studied Journalism and began working, for the first time in a medium, in 2009. Born under the sign of Virgo, she is married (since 2013) to businessman Lautaro Mauro and had a brief stint in acting when participated in flowery.

Agustina Casanova did a gig in flowery.

– Do you have a nice memory of your time in fiction?

– !Beautiful! I took theater classes with Reina Reech and was a fan of little ones, So when I got a chance to do a gig at floweryI did not hesitate and accepted immediately. Acting is something that is always latent in my life. When I interviewed Agustina Cherri, I confessed my admiration for her and I did the same with Cris Morena: I feel that she is an iconic figure for my generation, the very example of creativity.

-Who are your references in journalism?

-Yes, of course, I have two: my partner Cristina Pérez and Mónica Cahen D’Danvers. I also highlight the important role of Nico Repetto in my career because, thanks to him, I went from artistic production -my work on his program “Nico late night”- to being in front of the camera and on open television. Nico was the one who gave me a space and I am eternally grateful to him. I always liked journalism but I found out how solid my vocation was when I took courage and applied for the first time to a casting for hosts/journalists on a cable channel and it was while I was studying at the UBA. That day I really knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Agustina Casanova had a proposal to work in Miami and she did not accept.

-Did you think about exercising your profession in another country?

-I had a proposal to work in Miami and I did not accept: I am convinced that I want to live in Argentina because I love my country and this is where I want to continue developing my career. What I would add to my activity as an influencer – I am making more and more progress in the best way to achieve the goal – is traveling to generate content abroad. This project excites me a lot. In fact, I love Madrid: it’s a very friendly city and one in which I feel super comfortable, but I couldn’t move there permanently because I think I would suffer enormously from being uprooted. Be careful, I suffer from the economic situation of the country like all the workers whose salary is slipping from our hands due to inflation, but I am not a complainer: I try to find new activities to generate more income. I am optimistic and persevering by nature (laughs).

Agustina Casanova has been in a relationship with Lautaro Mauro for 17 years.

Agustina Casanova and Lautaro Mauro: a love that began in 2006

Agustina Casanova and Lautaro Mauro met at the Tequila disco in 2006. “A friend of mine introduced us and nothing happened at first: I must admit that she rowed her for almost a year until we got engaged,” says the journalist who Finally, she began dating the businessman and the courtship was consolidated on a trip to Playa del Carmen (Mexico).

-What countries and cities have you met in these 17 years that you have been together?

-!A lot of! We both love to travel so whenever there’s a chance we escape somewhere. Our places in the world are Punta del Este (Uruguay), Sardinia (Italy) and Saint Barth because we adore the beach and the summer.

Agustina Casanova assures that, with her husband, they choose quiet plans for the weekend.

-What made you fall in love with Lautaro?

-From the first day I was attracted by his drive to achieve each objective that he sets for himself and his attitude to lead like the good Arian that he is. I admire him a lot. We are a very close couple and romantic but not clingy, huh? We enjoy simple plans like sharing a delicious dinner with a glass of wine or watching a series together. The weekend is a time when we try to relax and not have schedules because we both work a lot during the week.

Matte collector and fashionista at heart

Agustina Casanova loves fashion but assures that she is not addicted to shopping.

Agustina Casanova assures that she always buys clothes from Argentine labels – “with the designers we have in our country… Why would she choose others?”, she asks herself without hesitation – and she has a well-kept secret: she collects mates and already more than 20 at home. “I have a small obsession and it is that I cannot repeat the same mate throughout the day. I would have a hundred…! But they do not enter my kitchen! My favorite, without a doubt, one of Boca Juniors”, she confesses between laughs .

-You were at the Para ti Raíces gala: an event in which the dress code was circular fashion. Is it a trend that you incorporated into your life?

-Wearing sustainable and recycled clothing is something we are all getting used to, little by little, and it seems to me an interesting and creative proposal. I was never addicted to shopping -yes, I am super attentive to the new trends in each season- so I feel comfortable with this option. Likewise, when in doubt about a look that I am going to wear, I always turn to Milva Russo, my stylist: she advised me on the last three Martín Fierro and, precisely, on the Para ti Raíces gala. If I have to think about fashion references from abroad, I think I’d prefer the Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni and I really like the looks that Dua Lipa and Zendaya share.

Do you get along well with the passage of time?

-Yes, super: zero conflict with the subject. Those of us who are exposed in front of a camera have certain demands, but I don’t stress: I have a dermatologist -of a lifetime- with whom I take care of my skin and perform aesthetic treatments. I train, I try to eat pretty healthy and I don’t have many more secrets. One’s job is to accept the passage of time, beyond the image that the mirror provides. I very much agree with the emblematic phrase of Mirtha Legrand: “How they see you, they treat you. If they see you badly, they mistreat you, if they see you well, they hire you”.

Agustina Casanova assures that she loves to travel and Madrid is one of her favorite cities in the world.

-How do you imagine your life in a decade?

Can I define it in just three words? Happy, mother and professional. They assure that the best is yet to come and I choose to believe in that but also that we must value and enjoy every moment of the present.

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