When Aida Victoria Merlano generates content on her social networks, she never goes unnoticed. for both his followers and his detractors.

For this reason, the Barranquilla woman decided to join the challenge that followers ask you questions in the comment boxin which he trended truth or dare.

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It was like that in an Instagram story, he interacted with his followers and responded to concerns Like, are you in a relationship with Andy Rivera? Or would you take a spoonful of soy sauce?

“I know you will not believe me, but I am not in a relationship with Andy, nor with another human being, I am not eating candy with anyone. I am waiting for my husband. Enroll here.”

It was like that in an Instagram story, he interacted with his followers and responded to their concerns.



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The second question was, whose Instagram would you shut down or would you eat a raw egg? In response, he recorded himself eating a raw eggor, implying that he would not close Instagram to anyone.

They also asked him which ex has contributed the most to you in life?, to which he jokingly replied “so financially, they have only contributed debts, so I am going to refer to personal contributions. I would think that Jorge, my first boyfriend, was the one who taught me to make love, he is the only thing they have left me.

Finally, to a question about whether she was pregnant, she replied that she did have a pregnant face.

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This is how he was answering some of the questions he was asked, making the relationship with his followers more intimate, which, only his Instagram account, exceeds four million.

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