On April 25, the urban music singer, Andy Rivera, uploaded a video to his stories where he was seen very close to the influencer Aida Victoria Merlano. In the clip, which lasted just a few seconds, they sang: “You arrived with everything I need, if I hear a romantic song I repeat it, like ‘Ojitos lindos’ by Benito.”

Faced with this controversy, the influencer Karen Sevillano expressed his discontent: “Aída Merlano was in a riot, which she ate with Yeferson Cossio having his girlfriend, who ate with WestCol, who ate with naldywhich was eaten with Andy Rivera, they say now… rather, the gossip is that it was eaten,” he said.

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After this comment about the couples that the influencer had, he added: “For the money, the monkey and here she is King Kong. I think it’s wrong for you to talk to a person, the person tells you things, and then for work have this kind of proximity”.

After the video went viral, Aida Victoria decided to respondmentioning that her fame had come from her mother and not from the men she had dated. “I became famous because my mother flew out of jail, they almost put me in, I have a lot of judicial scandals behind bars but you decided that most of my scandals are love affairs… and then you start your video attacking me for my sexual morality”.

(Also: They remind Aida Victoria that, before Andy, she was a friend of Lina Tejeiro).

“In your personal life there are shady things and people know what I’m talking about. The difference is that my life seems important to you and yours seems so inconsequential to me,” said Aída.

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