The nutritionist doctor alberto cormillot who had two sons, Adrian and Reneeproduct of his first relationship with monika arborgast He was talking about what it was like to bring a third child into the world at 83 years old. Despite the fact that the doctor perceives himself as someone who has good genetics, the doctor managed to devise a plan to communicate with his youngest son, emilioin the event of an unexpected death.

“He has a WhatsApp that I update every fifteen or twenty days. I send him messages, photos, videos, stories, and I send him stories,” the doctor began explaining and went further: “I also have a file on the computer of messages for him and also on the cloud. Perhaps those messages are from me and perhaps the mother,” he said.

Finally, when they asked him how these messages would be given, he stated: “the mother will be able to choose when to give them to him depending on how old he is at that moment.”

Alberto Cormillot revealed (for the first time) why he decided to be Emilio’s father at the age of 83

alberto cormillot he was the father of the little one emilio on September 17, 2021 at age 83. At that time, he celebrated as few times despite the fact that he was criticized on social networks. In the last hours, it was confirmed that Al Pacinothe actor of The Godfather He is going to be a father for the fourth time at the same age and a similar situation happened.

To talk about it, in Barbarossa They interviewed the nutritionist doctor and the doctor told intimacies of his private life, although he was also encouraged to joke. “Al Pacino he is much older than me, he is 4 months older”, he said at one point.

Then, speaking more seriously, he explained that the decision to be a father was made with his wife, Stephanie Pasquinidespite being of advanced age. “We both wanted to be parents, it was an act of love, it arose mutually and that’s where emilio. It was searched, it was not an accident,” she revealed.

Along the same lines, when talking about his wife and mother of his last child, he recounted: “I had not thought about having a child and getting married again, it was a possibility that arose when I met her at Stephanie and we saw that we could be together and that we had a great time”.

About what it means for him to be a father in the third age, he admitted that he is aware that “statistically” will accompany him “less time”. cormillot stated: “I have to live 104 years to see him receive a diploma, of course it is a wish, I am not affirming it, but my old man lived to be 95 and my old to 87, so I have good genes, which is not assures you nothing.”

After talking about his ancestors, he commented that he knows very well that he is going to miss important moments in his little boy’s life. emilio. “It’s true, I’m not going to see him get married, it’s something that I’m going to miss, but I have many years to take advantage of it, how many I don’t know,” he closed alberto cormillot.

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