Journalist Alexander Fantino He had a particular query during the broadcast of his radio program. “Why have you been wearing the same shirt for days?asked one of his listeners. With no intention of letting that mystery go, not only did he read the query on the air, but he also answered the question of the intrigued fan.

“Youe story: I copied it from Guillermo Vilas. I still haven’t made the definitive leap to having only black clothes, but one day Vilas came dressed in black to Mar de Fondo and later I saw him again at the club, at the Raquet, where he played tennis and I asked himtea”, the journalist began to detail.

With that clarification, fantino brought to light how the talk with the Argentine tennis legend went: ‘Hey, Guille, I always see you in black!’” I told him. And he explained to me that he copied it from Lou Reed. He told me, I don’t have clothes that aren’t black so I don’t think about what I wear”. After confessing that he adopted the same way of dressing, he remarked: “So, you’re going to see me in a black shirt because I have 400 black shirts and I don’t know if I want to keep wearing other color shirts.”

Alejandro Fantino chose a striking hair removal technique during his visit to Dubai

Alexander Fantino and Coni Mosqueira They were enjoying a super romantic honeymoon. After having visited Türkiye, Egypt and the Black Seathey moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the aim of continuing to enjoy. During his luxurious trip, the driver and journalist had shown how they cut his hair in istanbul with a particular method that included fire. Now, he was shown on social networks having his ears and nose shaved by a stylist from the United Arab Emirates who used a very particular method: wax.

Through the stories, fantino He put his followers in context. “Well, I show you what happened to me again. This time in Dubai. I’m having little luck… Ears take 2“, wrote. Then, smiling, he added:Add this time nose”. Afterwards, she continued with a verbal account. “Ok, the thing is, I went into any random hairdresser’s and asked the master hairdresser to cut me. The end came with some hair in the ears touched up and since this time I didn’t see a lighter, like in Istanbul, I told him: ‘Put it in, dad.’”.

I thought: this dubaities beard and mustache professional is going to use a painless razor. Well… No. And he added a nose to it. What comes now is post post”, Was the introduction he made before showing the images in a video.

Sitting in the barber’s chair and wearing a white apron, fantino said: “This is in Dubai”, and showed how hot wax was applied to his ears and nose. “Ayyy, but how is he going to throw that away” and “Oooh, get ready. Get ready huh!”, he said as they made a plane in his waxed ear.

The customs of the cities one must try them in every way: food, religions, hair extraction…”, he said afterwards Alexander while they put the swabs with wax. Finally, after the extractions, she closed by saying: “I think I prefer the lighter from the hairdresser’s Türkiye. And you?”.

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