Alex Caniggia (30) and Melody Light (26) are a few weeks away from becoming parents for the first time. The young couple who met while participating in the Hotel of the Famous (ElTrece) she is more in love than ever and much is rumored about the possibility of formalizing the relationship. In the last hours, the driver spoke about it.

The couple lives their best moment. A few days ago, Melody Luz touched social networks by sharing her baby’s face for the first time, Vincent. The dancer is expecting her first child with Alex Caniggia and her latest ultrasound showed her features more clearly.

I was not born and make serious faces. He has the mischievous smile of the papu and my ort face… right?”, Melody wrote in the description of the post, where a very detailed image of the baby’s face can be seen, making it her first public photo.

The ex-participant of Hotel of the Famous She is going through the final stage of her pregnancy and shares it every day with her followers, who constantly offer her support and love. “Super baby, he will be very loved”, “Enjoy this last stage”, “Oh, I literally cried. How much emotion, joy, tenderness and anxiety!”, were some of the messages they left.

What Alex Caniggia said about the possibility of getting married

It was in Los Desconocidos de Siempre (elTrece), a program hosted by the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia, that Celeste Muriega -who went to participate- asked him if they were going to get married. This was the dialogue:

“Celes, how are you?” Alex asked as he introduced her. And the dancer commented: “Good, very good. With a very beautiful present. I’m about to get married (with Christian Sancho). Can you believe it?”

Alex Caniggia and Melody announcing their pregnancy.  Photo social networks.
Alex Caniggia and Melody announcing their pregnancy. Photo social networks.

“Is it the first time you’re getting married?” he asked. Alex. “Yes, I never got married and I think she’s going to be the only one,” she explained, and asked him: “You, when?” “I’m not going to get married,” said Caniggia bluntly, and Muriega questioned him: “No? But the baby is coming…”.

AND Alex Caniggia He concluded: “Yes, the baby is coming, but no marriage. Because you saw that marriages are like… I don’t want to tell you anything but… (he made signs that they bring bad luck)”.

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