Alina Lozano and Jim Velasquez They are one of the most controversial couples on social networks, since they are 30 years apart. However, in the last few hours They have surprised their followers by stating that they would stop making content for networks.

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In a short recording they commented that they would leave social networks, because they felt that their relationship had become very mediatic.

“We have made a decision as a couple because this has been so mediatic. It has been, at the same time, so tabloid”
Lozano said.

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The actress’s fiancé agreed with her and revealed several details about why they made that decision.

“We have had a lot of stress. We cannot go out because they ask us for photos, autographs and they have asked me to even write on their skin”, assured the young influencer.

On the other hand, the interpreter of “Doña Nidia” commented that on the street they still think that Jim is their son, something that bothers them, because they have repeatedly confirmed that they are a couple.

“A person even told me you kiss with your son on the mouth, so cute. That is, there are things that get out of all proportion and not“said the actress.

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They also revealed that although they are earning a lot of money, this is not everything and the first thing for them is to feel good.

The couple revealed that this decision to retire will be carried out in about three years, which makes it clear that this recording was a joke for his followers and that in reality they are going to continue making content on social networks.


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