Alina Moine Over the last five years, she has become one of the most coveted and media-focused women sports journalists in the Argentina. After ending her affair with him Carlos “The Chapa” reteguithe champion hockey coach with The Lions in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 and Secretary of Sports in the City of Buenos Aires of larretawas related to Marcelo Gallardo.

When I’m in a relationship with someone they’ll know“he always said Moine. Now, some time later, she announced a new engagement and surprised all her followers on social networks. She is dating Federico Giuliania former soccer player who in the past was dating Cande Tinellithe daughter of Marcelo tinelli.

Alina Moine is in a relationship with Federico Giulani

You and me… Daydreaming!!”, wrote the former athlete by sharing a photo of the two walking hand in hand. For her part, the journalist told her with a couple of hearts and shared the post in her stories about instagram.

finally bleached“Some followers wrote in the comments. giuliani played in Argentine from Quilmes, in 2004. Later in his career he played mainly in promotion and Italian football. After retiring from it, he was part of the technical secretariat of San Lorenzo with Marcelo Tinelli as president.

Alina Moine with her partner Federico Giuliani

That’s exactly how he met Cande Tinelli, with whom he was in a relationship for a while, and that continues to be his work activity. Now, she is in a relationship with Alina Moine and, it seems and they share on social networks, they are happy.

Sport is part of Alina Moine’s life from an early age. In dialogue with LA NACION, he recounted: “My great-grandfather played soccer in a first division club and on my mother’s side of the family they are all very soccer fans too, so I grew up in that club and sports environment.” At the age of 23, Rosario settled in Buenos Aires to fulfill her dream: to work in the media.

Throughout her career, she was nominated for more than one Martín Fierro Award (both as a group and individually) and recognized for her important career. Among her most outstanding works is an interview that she did to Diego Armando Maradona. “I came across him many times because Diego worked for Venezuelan television and I had the opportunity to do a one-hour, one-on-one interview with him. I think it will be very difficult to overcome that opportunity that my profession gave me and much more now that Diego is not it is because there will not be a second chance,” recalled the journalist.

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