On a special date where patriotic sentiment is on the surface, the best of open Argentine television was awarded at the 51st ceremony of the Martin Fierro. With a total of 38 shortlists, the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA) will distinguish the best work done during the past year.

For this year, four new lists were added, in comparison to the Martín Fierro of the previous year. Is about: Best Youth Program, Best Non-Fiction Director, Best Advertisement but World Cup version and Branded Content.

The driving of the night was in charge of Santiago del Moro, who with his particular charisma carried out a gala where surprises were not lacking and emotions were present. Although each one bet on their project, the celebrities were pleased to experience a luxurious evening and be part of the Martin Iron 2023beyond the results.

This is how the Martín Fierro 2023 gala began

“Today is a different night, where everything shines”, were the words with which Santiago del Moro kicked off the long-awaited evening through a video.

Later, he stated: “An Argentine classic that fills us with pride, emotion, joy…. It’s not just another night, it’s the most important night in the industry. Welcome to the Martín Fierro awards ceremony,” added the driver who was also nominated tonight.

With the particular energy that characterizes him, Del Moro arrived at the Hilton Hotel hall shouting loudly: “Get up everybody, damn it”, and it was then that with total pride, he began a night full of many surprises..

Who were the winners of the night:

  • Chronicler / Movilero: – Gustavo Tubio (Arriba Argentinos, El Trece)
  • Best World Cup Advertisement: The Climate of the Cup (Philco – Caterpillar Cinema)
  • Best Musical Program: Musical Bridge (The Nine)
  • Best Tourism Program: Rest of the World (El Trece)
  • Best Panelist: Mariel Di Lenarda (We in the Morning, El Trece)
  • Best Daytime Newscast: America News (America TV)

When going up to raise the award, William Andean expressed an emotional message: “Greetings to the Channel 9 newscast, Marisa, I think our old man would be very proud to see the two of us in a shortlist, as drivers of different newscasts”he told his sister, who was also with the Martín Fierro family.

  • Best Advertisement: Primavera Sound (Flow – Don)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Fanego (The First of Us, Telefe)
  • Best Gastronomy Program: Ariel in her Salsa (Telefe)

“Thank you for this award. I also share this award with all my Argentine colleagues”, were the words of Ariel Rodriguez Palacios by winning with his cooking show in the mornings of Telefe. And she took the opportunity to pay tribute to Calabrese, the host of ‘Qué Mañana’ after his recent departure.

  • Best Youth Program: Speaker (Public TV)
  • Best Journalistic Work: Liliana Caruso, America News (America TV)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Duplá
  • Best Educational Cultural Program: Crazy Night (Public TV)
  • Revelation Talent: Wanda Nara with ‘Who is the Mask?’ (Telephone)

Wanda Nara’s emotional words when she won

All the winners of the Martín Fierro 2023
Wanda Nara went to the Martín Fierro 2023 accompanied by her family

“I love this country very much. I love Argentina very much. Sometimes they ask me what my secret is. And I can tell you that I have a friend at each of those tables,” she said very excitedly. Wanda Nara. In addition to thanking his mother, Mauro Icardiher children, her stylist and her sister Zaira Nara.

  • Best Screenplay/Authors: Ernesto Korovsky and Romina Moretto. The First of Us (Telefe)
  • Best Reality: Big Brother (Telefe)

“This award is for each one of these boys who left everything in those houses, for all those who passed through there. And for the public, the public made GH great, and this award is for everyone in their homes”, were the words of Santiago del Morohost of the most recent edition of Big Brother.

“Thank the people, because if this program was a success, It was because of the people who were behind the screen banning us. For me it was beautiful and I thank you”, were the words of the winner, Marcos Ginocchio.

  • Best Fiction: Alejandro Ibanez and Jorge Nisco. The 1-5/18 (The Thirteen)
  • Best Knowledge Program. The 8 Steps of the Million (The Thirteen)

“Thank you very much… There are hundreds of winners, many prizes”… Guido Kazcka expressed emotion after winning with his program. In addition, to highlight the work of each of the members of his team.

  • Non-Fiction Address: Eugene Gorkin. Big Brother (Telefe)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Mercedes Funes. The First of Us (Telefe)

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