This Friday Mauro Szeta celebrated his 50th birthday with a mega celebration in an event room where his family, closest friends and colleagues from the media were not absent: Vero Lozano, Germán Paoloski, Lizy Tagliani, Costa, Vicky Xipolitakis and Paulo Kablanwere some of those who accompanied the police journalist on his special day.

On March 22, the communicator turned 50 and decided to wait for the perfect moment to throw a huge party. The event did not lack good music, cotillion, drinks and live shows. Szeta and his guests enjoyed a humorous and magical monologue with the magician Nico Gentile and a musical show with the cumbia singer Ailén.

The photos and videos of Mauro Szeta’s birthday

Mauro Szeta was the center of attention on his 50th birthday
Mauro Szeta and the magician Nico Gentile
Ailén giving a private show on Mauro Szeta’s birthday
Mauro Szeta dancing on his 50th birthday
Gustavo López, Germán Paoloski and Paulo Jablan parading on Mauro Szeta’s birthday
The carioca carnival on Mauro Szeta’s birthday
Lizy Tagliani and Maur Szeta dancing together
Greetings from Vero Lozano to Mauro Szeta
Mauro Szeta and his colleagues from Cortá for Lozano

Mauro Szeta received an emotional message from his brother Darío Z, on his birthday

On March 22, the journalist specializing in police began his birthday celebrations on the noon news on Telefé and his colleagues decided to surprise him with a very special interview with his older brother, the renowned philosopher Dario Z.

Mauro’s brother began very funny remembering his youth with him and said: “He was a total drunk as a teenager. He had a permanent mistake. I remember receiving him at my house completely turned around.”

This statement surprised the entire team and the audience, who have a much more modest image of “Maurito”. And if this were not enough for the journalist to blush, his brother added: “And I am going to give a fundamental fact … with many lovesickness. Really, Mauro with lovesickness resorted to alcohol and with good love too so there’s no difference.”

Trying to be forgiven by his brother for these statements and somewhat remorseful, Dario began to compliment Mauro for his great camaraderie as a brother and for his work as a respected figure in the media. “The truth is that Mauro is a great guy. I know it because I come across a lot of his coworkers and there is no one who speaks badly to me, they all send me greetings”he exclaimed.

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