Alexis Puig and Luciana Mendez they said “Yes, I want” at the Community headquarters 15 of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo and thus they sealed their love story that is just over a year and a half old. In an intimate ceremony in which his loved ones and closest friends were present, the couple was very happy and is already preparing for the honeymoon that will include a second wedding in Las Vegas.

The appointment was after 10:30 this Wednesday, May 24, when the couple entered the room fulfilling the promise they made to PEOPLE A few days ago: a total black look for both of them with which Luciana broke with the classic custom of the bridal dress code.

in love The couple posed with the famous red notebook that certifies their union before the law.

The original looks of Alexis Puig and Luciana Méndez: her in her first date dress; him with a jacket that had the Batman logo on the back

The young woman wore the same outfit that she used on the first date she had with the communicator specialized in movies and series. The truth is that the detail of her outfit, which usually takes a lot of planning for most brides, in this case was not a concern.

What we will do is open our house for family and friends to toast, eat cake and chat. It is not a party. It is something very informal, just as we are. It has nothing to do with a ceremonial matter, there is no dress code… nothing! It’s more, Since we like to be in black a lot, we said that whoever wants can come in white”, Mendez told PEOPLE when talking about the post-civil celebration.

The moment in which Alexis Puig and Luciana Méndez registered their signature before the justice of the peace.

About his particular look, he defined: “I’m going to wear black with the same dress that I wore on our first date. Very simple. The least complicated with the clothes was me. I had to accompany my mother to buy something.”

Alexis and Luciana arrived as a family at community headquarters 15 in Palermo.

Alexis Puig and Luciana Méndez: how they fell in love and what her relationship is like with the journalist’s daughters

“It is clear that is beautiful. But it goes beyond a physical issue. I talked to her about things and right away she knew what she was talking about. There are things that are very niche or that have to do with your tastes. After, I fell in love with that freedom you have. That he asked me out makes you realize what his personality is like. I immediately told him that I had daughters and told him: ‘They are going to love you.’ And it was like that,” he said.

When I ended my relationship with Lola (Lamb) I put out a statement in the media telling the news. Luciana was separating, she saw it in the stories and wrote to me. On Wednesdays I have the habit of uploading movie premieres. I remember that one day I uploaded the recommendations and she replied: ‘Which one are we going to see?’ No hello, no nothing. I said ‘well, whatever you want’. We checked schedules, we went and it was a crush. We only knew each other by liking photos on Instagram: we didn’t even have previous conversations,” he recalled.

As in novel scripts, The journalist picked up his brand new girlfriend and on the way to the movies they were already planning their first trip together to Romania. Nothing more and nothing less. “Basically my reaction was to want to see her the next day. I, at the time, was living on borrowed time, with all my things in boxes, and about twenty days to a month later we moved in together. It was all very hectic. At one point we lost track of time. It seemed like we were together a long time ago, ”she completes her.

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