Uma Fabbianithe eldest daughter of the deputy Amalia garnethe turned 15 and to the surprise of many, his father, the former soccer player Cristian Ogre Fabbiani, He was not present at the big party. After the commotion caused by her absence, the technical director made a post on his social networks with a hint for his ex-wife.

In an exclusive interview for LAM, Amalia He attended with his daughter and answered about the relationship with the ogre. “ANDShe has her own phone and her own individual communication with whoever she wants. I feel in the middle of a situation that I have nothing to do with, on the contrary, I don’t want to look like the good one in the movie, there was a lot of talk in my house so that Uma can rebuild her relationship with her father, but she has his own feelings” he explained, denying any rumors of intervention between father and daughter.

“If I speak, every word I say is used against me and I swear that I have absolutely nothing to do with it, I have nothing against him. I no longer make decisions because she is a teenager and acts on her own , and I am not an intermediary of anything” explained the deputy, assuring that she prefers her daughter to explain the situation, although the little girl preferred not to limit comments.

Later, Estefi Berardi said that he was in a talk with Fabbiani and he explained that the estrangement with his daughter is due to garnet. “They haven’t seen each other for two years, he said he loves his daughter with all his soul and he would love to rebuild the relationship and he will never talk to her about the mother. But if he feels that this situation comes from Amalia’s side and it is the words of him” assured Berardi.

The Ogre Fabbiani dedicated a post to his daughter

3 April 2008. In the distance my first female daughter was born?, UMA?. From that day on my life was going to change for the better. I don’t know if I was a good father or a bad father, what I believe is that I always did everything so that you love me as a father “started the former footballer.

Then he expressed: “Life often teaches you to weather storms, although you never know what you might get as a parent and you taught me that the truth always wins”. The tender message was accompanied by a series of photographs that immortalize father and daughter together at different moments in life.

“HToday I am 15 years old, I just hope you are happy. Nothing else matters, only your happiness.” his father wished him and added a curious passage: “I had to go through a lot of shit that I didn’t deserve because of what nefarious people said. And here I am still standing with a beautiful family that gave me life 10 years ago, with 3 dream children”.

ThenThe Ogre He launched a reflection regarding the relationship he maintains with his children: “When you love a child as a separate parent, you can put up with everything but everything that life touches. And it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you always suffer more than necessary because many times you cannot be there to help”he confessed and sent a cryptic message that may generate a reaction from his ex, Amalia Granata: “You lose thousands of things next to your children just by being separated”wrote Fabbiani.

Time is always right. Lies don’t last forever. Life is always fair for the one who tells the truth. Time teaches you to become strong”sentenced the former soccer player and, later, he closed his birthday dedication to um: “Life 15 years ago already taught me that true love exists and is called UMA. As long as you are happy daughter, dad loves you”.

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