While her popularity is “inherited” and it seems like she is not aiming for a career in show business, Amber of Benedictis (20), the daughter of Juana Viale (41), follows in his footsteps and is already taking his first steps in the medium.

It is so shared the first photos of her debut as a model with a campaign for a brand that designs underwear and loungewear. Cotton t-shirts, baggy shorts and comfy pajamas are some of the garments chosen in the editorial production.

The production of Amber of Benedictis.
The photos were taken in a colonial house, to give a homey touch to the aesthetics of the production.
Ámbar de Benedictis in model mode.
The young woman posed relaxed in bed in one of the photos she shared from behind.

Ámbar de Benedictis, the daughter of Juana Viale and Juan de Benedictis, between the Sorbonne and the low profile

Ámbar de Benedictis -Mirtha Legrand’s great-granddaughter- was also one of the celebrities who wanted to go for a few months to try what it is like to live abroad, and also take advantage of the time and space to train in a new place.

Juana Viale’s daughter and John of Benedictines (son of Piero) settled in that city to begin his art studies at the Sorbonne University. Now far from her parents, the young woman was accompanied by her grandmother Marcela Tinayre on her European adventures.

The granddaughter of “Chiquita” attaches great importance to the protection of the image of her children. Although Ámbar is of legal age and decides what to show about his life, he generally keeps a low profile.

Ámbar de Benedictis and Juana Viale, together in the kitchen

“Crudo is a cooking studio where we teach cooking, taking into account multiple approaches involved with food, its production and its enjoyment. At Crudo we believe that food culture is in continuous development, we are clear about the impact of food on health , the ecosystem and the economy”, reports the website of Crudo, the gastronomic project in which mother and daughter participate.

The notes of Juana Viale and her daughter Ámbar in their cooking classes

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