Amelia Bono He has done his thing again and -of course- again it has been with a design of zara. Like many of us, the influencer turns to the great Inditex to complete her seasonal wardrobe with the most beautiful and timeless garments of the moment. However, the outfit that she has worn today has risen to the number one position on the podium. And that it was already difficult to overcome her latest proposals.

This time it is a long dress. A black lace design that if its elegant pattern with a fitted body with straps we had already completely fallen in love with when we saw it on the firm’s website, even more so when we see how flattering it is and, above all, how affordable it is after going through Inditex sales. Although not everything could be good news.

As is more than evident, with that price of 25 euros the one he had kept, the piece is no longer available in any of its sizes. It has devastated But, really, you just have to see the latest reel of Amelia Bono on Instagram to understand why she’s so successful.

To the beat of my addiction by Alex Guesta, the influencer walked through the streets of Madrid creating a new need for her Instagram followers.

“My Tuesday look. Anniversary dinner”clarified Bono in the caption of the photo of the publication while wearing a beautiful black knitted dress with metallic thread and lace details which, without a doubt, could be positioned as one of the most elegant designs in the history of the firm as well as an ideal dress to look perfect in the coming summer months.

Amelia finished it off with some studded strappy flat sandals and a matching shoulder bag with gold chains. The result? Hundreds of comments praising the new look of the trendsetter.

zara black lace dress


Zara’s €25 black lace dress

Zara Lace knitted dress

Lace knitted dress

Zara Lace knitted dress

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Credit: Zara

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