Amparo Grisales is one of the most admired actresses for her beauty, Well, at 66 years old, he doesn’t look as old as he is. This has made it the envy of several women who want to know what their secret is to look forever young.

A few days ago, Amparo Grisales posted a family photo on her Instagram account where she shows her sisters, while celebrating a birthday.

In this case, the family came together to commemorate the life of Luz Marina, whom the Grisales call Ninita. In addition, in the photograph is Omayra, Luz Marina, Patricia -also an actress- and Amparo are the four Grisales sisters.

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“My precious sisters!! Omayra….Luz Marina whom we call Ninita and she is having a birthday 🎂 and my Paty the youngest…. @patgrisales HAPPY RETURN TO THE SUN MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL…!!!🎂🎊 May God bless you with Health and Harmony so that we celebrate many beautiful things!!! Our Mommy giving us the blessing and guiding us from heaven!!”, wrote the actress in her account.

What surgeries does Amparo Grisales have?

On several occasions the actress has been questioned about the aesthetic touch-ups that have been carried out, to which Amparo Grisales has responded that she does not have any surgical procedure on her face and that her face looks toned thanks to her healthy diet.

A video was leaked through social networks in which ‘The Colombian diva’ He confesses that he has gone through the operating room. “I burned some fat with my exercise, and what little I had was reduced. I put on a little more, so I didn’t look vulgar or voluptuous,” she says.

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This interview was given on the “Yo José Gabriel” program, there Grisales confessed that she had a breast lift, a surgery that consists of lifting the breasts and adjusting the breast tissue. Sometimes this surgery is also accompanied by implants.

In said interview, he also mentioned that he underwent the procedure because She did not feel comfortable with her image when she wore a dress, because “I need a little bit,” she added.

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