The numismatics it is a subject that understands and studies coins and medals, locating its interest especially in old and out-of-circulation copies. This specialty has a great recognition in Argentina that increases every day after our currency has had so many changes. There is currently an increase in the number of collectors Interested in purchasing parts? unique, individuals, commemorative or with printing or minting errors.

What caught the attention of Argentines today is that a old $100 coin It is valued at a high value because it is a very difficult object to obtain and with many years of history: the details. This interesting Argentine coin is a very difficult specimen to obtain that came out between 1978 and 1980 in honor of bicentenary of the birth of General José de San Martín.

Mercado Libre publication of the 100-peso coin from 1978, selling for $5 million.  Screenshot.
Mercado Libre publication of the 100-peso coin from 1978, selling for $5 million. Screenshot.

The coin no longer circulates officially in Argentina and only has value for its collection: according to Foronum, the website specialized in numismatics, these range from $110 to $18,000. However, if you search in Mercado Libre, you can find parts up to $5 millionalthough until now the one exhibited at that value has not been sold.

To take into account when detecting the valuable piece there are various coin versions that trade at values ​​similar to or even higher than their nominal denomination. This is due to special features such as manufacturing faults, spelling mistakes either errors in engravingwhich are highly sought after by collectors.

The CNV seeks to regulate cryptocurrencies in Argentina

The cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin They had periods of glory throughout these last 8 years. But it should be noted that both for the world and for our country, last year was full of crises for virtual wallets, even worse than the fall they had suffered at the end of 2017.

That’s why the National Value Comission (CNV) of Argentina seeks to establish and regulate for. throughout the country the requirements that cryptocurrency companies must meet to operate in the territory with each user.

The jurisdiction on the part of the CNV points to the service providers of these digital assets, which is why the movements made by companies that are dedicated to this area have been of great concern in recent times. Recently, there was also talk of a reform in the money laundering prevention law, which is being discussed in the National Congress.

But before this law is passed, The National Securities Commission plans to consult all members of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that operate in the country, in order to create more specific regulations.

The CNV intends in this way to complyr with international standards required by the International Financial Action Task Forcewhich will carry out an evaluation in Argentina starting next year, as stated by the CNV in the CoinDesk medium.

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