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    The coronation of Carlos III is just around the corner, it will be held tomorrow, May 6, and one of the big unknowns has already been revealed: Meghan Markle will not attend the event, but Prince Harry will accompany his father at this time clue. With the guests clear, now we have other questions, We are looking forward to knowing what looks the ‘royals’ surprise us with And, how could it be otherwise, we can’t wait to see what the dress and jewelry chosen by Queen Letizia are.

    We know Doña Letizia’s style perfectly and with a couple of premises we have decided, as if it were a fortune teller, Go ask ChatGPT for information to find out what Queen Letizia’s look will be like for the coronation of Charles III of England.

    Will the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) get the look Queen Letizia will wear? These are the answers she has given us.

    This is what Queen Letizia will wear to the coronation of Carlos III, according to the AI

    The same chat begins warning that you do not have access to information from the future, “I cannot provide accurate information about events that may occur after 2021”, the date it was created. Even so, with all the images and information on the internet about all the events similar to those she has attended, a prediction can be made based on the outfits she has worn. we start.

    Regarding the possible signatures that it will carry, ChatGPT tells that the Spanish brands that the Queen usually goes to are Carolina Herrera, Zara or Massimo Dutti. Considering the magnitude of this celebration, We can think that, if he had to choose between these three, he would choose Carolina Herrera.

    The AI ​​itself is the one that is in charge of warning that “the choice of color would depend on many factors, such as the design of the dress, the season and the protocol of the event, so it is difficult to make a specific choice.” But, trying to refine a little more, we asked him if he could only choose one color, what would it be?

    It is common to see Queen Letizia attend this type of event with red dresses, her reference color, but the chat has another answer. “If I had to choose a color that is often associated with elegance and glamor at high-profile events, it might be black. Black is a classic and timeless color that can be a safe choice for formal occasions.” Will she be wearing a black Carolina Herrera dress? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

    When we ask him about the jewelry, he seems to have a clearer “opinion.” Based on the data from her crowning queen in 2014, the chat response is a diamond tiara, pearl earrings, and diamond bracelets. We think that, since she hasn’t taken off her Coreternal ring lately, we may see it on this occasion as well.

    Once we have collected all this information, We went to Midjourney for a realistic image of what this look would look like.

    queen letizia coronation look carlos iii ia


    Possible looks of Queen Letizia for the coronation of Carlos III according to the AI

    It has seemed to us that closing ourselves to a single possibility can be something risky, for this reason, we have bet on the safe side and We also needed an image with a possible Carolina Herrera dress, in red. We don’t know why, but our bet may be closer to this than to that of ChatGPT.

    queen letizia coronation look carlos iii ia


    But it is not the only one that has left us, based on all the premises that we have mentioned before, We have opened up the range of possibilities and these are the results.

    queen letizia coronation look carlos iii ia


    The bets are open, how do you think Queen Letizia will be dressed at the coronation of Carlos III?