the driver of gossip, Pilar Smithcarries out her information program about the show together with several journalists and panelists, among some of the colleagues who accompany her are Anama Ferreira. And it was the Brazilian model who starred in a real scandal on the air.

In the images you can see how Anamá feels offended by certain comments from her colleagues. Feeling that she was being disrespected of her, she decided to get up and quit the cycle right then. “You only know how to talk about separations, fights, people who are badly dressed. I can’t talk about anything! I talked about Wanda (Nara) who is dressed in Versace and you say to me: ‘Who cares?’”.

Immediately afterwards, he grabbed his things and left the studio. “They fed me up! I don’t work like that, I’m leaving!”he expressed. “It’s a joke”, his companions clarified. Then, the panelist grabbed her cell phone, her bag with her things, she got up and left the studio: “I’m leaving here. I don’t work like that. Inflamed, Anamá Ferreira retired with a shovel for Pilar Smith: “You, Pilar… The driver, do that to me. Just for blonde (sic)”.

The driver, who first stated that they were joking with her companions, then expressed: “We were marking it for real, bring a photo, it says ‘exclusive’. I’m the host, Anamá says in the cut: “I have spectacular, super exclusive material that the whole world will pick up.” And it is a photo of this man with the instrument…”.

“The truth is that they take us like this… The truth is that we are all very distressed, I did not imagine that we were going to end the program like this, I am really sorry, this overwhelmed us”, he concluded.

The least expected war: Anamá Ferreira was indignant with Fabián Cubero

The model Mica Viciconte he recorded a video of his partner, Fabian playing with his son Luca Cubero. In the clip you can see “bean” wearing a gorilla mask as his girlfriend wonders if seeing him would scare the little guy. The ex of viciconte continued to play with the baby despite the warning from Mica.

Watching the video, the actress anama ferreira he was completely outraged. On his official account Twitterthe former Brazilian model pointed out cubero calling it discriminatory. “Hello, I’m sorry but I have to say things are done that are not right, you have to say: @5beans”.

In this way, the Brazilian continued with her defense and affirmed that the former soccer player was racist in his way of playing with Luca: “Cubero I love you, but it’s not right that I want to scare your cute little son with a MONKEY mask! Why do you think a MONKEY is scary? Because it’s black and ugly? It’s discrimination”. So far, neither the model nor the athlete have spoken about the strong sayings of Ana Ma.

It doesn’t mature”, The baby’s mother wrote in the video that she uploaded to her Instagram stories and where the former soccer player appears with a monkey mask while playing with the baby. Then, he rebuked “Beans”: “Do you think you’re not going to scare the baby? It is necessary?”. And, upon listening to her, he dramatized the matter and replied: “No, he’s not scared.”

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