Room 3 of the National Court of Cassation, at the request of the prosecutor Sandro Abraldes and of Fernando Burlando, decided to temporarily disqualify Hannibal Lotocki to practice medicine. Until the Justice confirms or not his sentence to 4 years in prison for serious injuries against Silvina Luna and other famous women, the man will be unable to work.

The resolution signed by the judges Hector Mario Magariños and Paul Jantus expresses: “The multiplicity of accusations for criminal acts allegedly committed in the exercise of the profession, its level of seriousness, its attribution as fraud, the factual circumstances objectively verified in the process described throughout this, the degree of credibility reached in the pronouncements adopted by jurisdiction, the danger in delaythe normative sources that regulate the question examined and the requirements to make the issuance of the precautionary measure compatible with the state of innocence enshrined in article 18 of the National Constitution, represent a constellation of relevant elements to resolve the case, which the court of the previous instance has completely failed to examine”.

Disqualification of Aníbal Lotocki from practicing medicine.

The Cassation judges made the measure effective to prevent new victims from continuing to be added. “The verification of a reiteration of acts harmful to public health as a result of the exercise of the profession cannot be dispensed with, since, in the particular circumstances, the sentence imposed covers four cases of similar characteristics that, always in accordance with the appealed decision , generated serious damage to the health of Mr. Lotocki’s patients”, clarifies the letter.

One of the clear examples of victims damaged by Aníbal Lotocki and his interventions is Silvina Luna, who in 2011 underwent various cosmetic surgeries. At that time, the model trusted the alleged specialist to inject biopolymers into her buttocks. However, the procedure produced hypercalcemia and kidney failure in his body.

In recent times the situation of Silvina Luna she became super delicate. According to what she herself said, she had to undergo dialysis three times a week for four hours to be able to filter her blood, since her kidneys cannot carry out this process because they stopped working completely.

For two months the model has been hospitalized in the intensive care area of ​​the Italian Hospital where she seeks to recover with all her might.

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