In the midst of a media scandal, the renowned Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA has responded to the accusations of his ex-partner, Yailin, who accused him of physical abuse during pregnancy.

The controversy broke out when she posted a series of explicit messages and photos on her Instagram account, revealing alleged evidence of the abuses she would have suffered at the hands of her daughter’s father.

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The singer’s ex-partner shared this information on her Instagram stories.


Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

In response to these serious accusations, Anuel AA did not remain silent and decided to face them.

Through their social networks, the singer defended his position and called Yailin a ‘liar’. In a message addressed directly to her, Anuel AA urged people not to be deceived and stated that the truth convinces, it does not scream.

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The interpreter of hits such as ‘BEBE’ expressed his surprise at the accusations, stating that he never thought that someone could fall so low or insinuate such a lie and barbarity.

These were Anuel’s words in response to Yailin’s accusation.

In addition, Anuel AA revealed that Yailin threatened to harm himself to blame him for the assaults that supposedly came from him, a situation that he flatly denied.

The singer dedicated more than one Instagram story to Yailin to defend himself.

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The controversy between Anuel AA and Yailin worsened when Yailin’s also a singer and new friend, Tekashi69, became involved in the conflict.

Although the rapper had already shown his dissatisfaction with Anuel AA, he criticized the Puerto Rican singer for posting a photo of Cattleya, the daughter Anuel and Yailin share, arguing that Yailin was not ready for it.


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