The singer Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago either anuel aa as he is known for his musical career, is one of the representatives of the most controversial urban genre in recent yearsbehind the end of courtship with Colombian Karol Ghis short marriage to influencer Yailin ‘the most viral’he scandal for not recognizing little Gianelladaughter with Colombian model Melissa Vallecilla and the presumed regret of having finished with the ‘Bichota’, They have made Anuel AA in the eye of the followers.

anuel aa He has three recognized children, his first son is ten years old and his name is Pablo Anuel Gazmey Cuevashis second daughter is called Gianella who was born in June 2022 and is the descendant of a fleeting relationship between the singer and the Colombian influencer Melissa Vallecilla and his third heiress is the little one cattleyadaughter of the short marriage that the rapper had with Yailin ‘the most viral’.

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However, not everything is rosy, because during 2022, Anuel AA was sued by the Colombian Melissa Vallecillaassuring that the singer did not want to meet or recognize his baby.

However, after the scandal and criticism from his followers for turning his back on the baby, in April 2023, The Puerto Rican published on his Instagram account some images with little Gianellaensuring: “I cannot and will never leave any daughter abandoned, no matter the circumstances of how everything happened. My heart does not give me the option to abandon and not love a daughter, she is my daughter and I love her without having seen her yeteven more so since I saw Catta for the first time and she opened my eyes to the fact that I had to be present”.

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Since then, the Puerto Rican singer has shared with his followers, through social networks, the special moments that he lives next to his descendants. which is why his followers have applauded the obvious connection he has with the little ones.


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