This Thursday, the Association of Cinematographic Chroniclers of Argentina announced the nominations for the Silver Condor Awards during the 24th edition of the BAFICI. Delivery will take place on May 22. in the CC25 de Mayo in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

This will be the 71st edition of the awards that distinguish national audiovisual productions. Furthermore, it was confirmed that during the ceremony the BA Audiovisual Audience Award will also be presenteda statuette of undoubted recognition that will be the result of the vote of the inhabitants of the country.

Among those who participate in the election and reside in CABA, 15 pairs of tickets will be raffled to attend the ceremony. The candidates for the BA Audiovisual Audience Award are: Argentina, 1985 by Santiago Miter, Manager by Ariel Winograd, Alternate by Diego Lerman, Jesus Lopez by Maximilian Schonfeld, Sublime by Mariano Biasin and an Argentine crime by Lucas Combines. Voting will be done through an online form.

Remembrance Day: The 4 films with which the national cinema told about the military dictatorship
A scene from the movie “Argentina, 1985”

On the other hand, for the second consecutive year, the following will be delivered: Maria Luisa Bemberg Award to a prominent woman in the audiovisual industry, the Leonardo Favio Award to a relevant masculine personality and the Salvador Sammaritano Award to a film critic who is not part of ACCA. All winners will be revealed during the ceremony.

Leonardo Sbaraglia and Ariel Winograd on the set of the movie “The Manager”

Argentina, 1985 –from Santiago Mitre–, Alternate –by Diego Lerman–, The mountain –by Sebastian Caulier–, Jesus Lopez –by Maximiliano Schonfeld– and Sublime –by Mariano Biasin– compete as the best fiction films of the past year. While the arena –by Nestor Frenkel–, The photographer and the postman: The crime of Cabezas –by Alejandro Hartmann–, the glare –by Martin Farina–, Herbaria –by Leandro Listorti–, María Luisa Bemberg: The echo of my voice –by Alejandro Maci–, and Telma, the cinema and the soldier –by Brenda Taubin–, are up for the Silver Condor for Best Feature Documentary.

All the nominees for the Silver Condor Awards

Fiction movie

Argentina, 1985 by Santiago Miter
The mountain by Sebastian Caulier
Alternate by Diego Lerman
Jesus Lopez by Maximilian Schonfeld
Sublime by Mariano Biasin

Documentary film

The photographer and the postman: The crime of Cabezas by Alejandro Hartmann
the glare by Martin Farina
herbaria by Leandro Listorti
Maria Luisa Bemberg: The echo of my voice by Alejandro Maci Telma, the cinema and the soldier by Brenda Taubin the arena by Nestor Frenkel


White Bay by Rodrigo Caprotti
kill the beast by Agustina San Martin
Sublime by Mariano Biasin
Telma, the cinema and the soldier by Brenda Taubin
an Argentine crime by Lucas Combines
A school in Cerro Hueso by Bethany Cappato

Film in Co-production with Argentina

Goshawk by Andrea Fontana (Switzerland)
emi by Paz Encina (Paraguay)
The employee and the employer by Manuel Nieto Zas (Uruguay)
The fall by Lucía Puenzo (Mexico)
Little Flower by Santiago Miter (France)

Fiction or documentary short film

after catan by Victor Cruz
The birth of a hand by Lucila Podesta
Going by Ignacio Ragone
Spiders by Sol Giancaspro
three cinematheques by Nicolas Suarez
a roomsimple on by Nicholas Dolensky

animated short film

Carlos Montana by Ita Romero
meat of god by Patrick Plaza
The tree is already planted by Irene Bléi
the carousel by Augusto Schillaci
Loop by Pablo Polledri
Passenger by Juan Pablo Zaramella

BA Audiovisual Audience Award

Argentina, 1985 by Santiago Miter
Manager by Ariel Winograd
Alternate by Diego Lerman
Jesus Lopez by Maximilian Schonfeld
Sublime by Mariano Biasin
an Argentine crime by Lucas Combines


Sebastian Caulier by The mountain
Diego Lerman by Alternate
Leandro Listorti by herbaria
Santiago Miter by Argentina, 1985
Maximilian Schonfeld by Jesus Lopez
Ariel Winograd by Manager

leading actress

Sofia Gala Castiglione by exquisite corpse
Pilar Gamboa by 30 nights with my ex
Marilu Marini by when i look at her
Mercedes Moran by The Reds
Natalia Oreiro by The Reds
Eleonora Wexler by something wrong

leading actor

Ricardo Darin by Argentina, 1985
Gustavo Garzon by The mountain
Peter Lanzani by Argentina, 1985
Luis Machin by seven dogs
Juan Minujin by Alternate
Leonardo Sbaraglia by Manager

Supporting Actress

Marina Bellati by Manager
Rita Cortese by an Argentine crime
Alejandra Flechner by Argentina, 1985
Laura Paredes by Argentina, 1985
Carla Peterson by eterson by The Manager

Supporting actor

Norman Briski by Argentina, 1985
Alfredo Castro by Alternate
Dario Grandinetti by an Argentine crime
Carlos Portaluppi by Argentina, 1985
Alan Sabbagh by KEOPS system
Diego Velazquez by The Reds

female revelation

Nina Dziembrowski by Camila will go out tonight
Clara Kovacic by the junkyard
Renata Lerman by Alternate
Charo Lopez by Today the world is fixed
Gina Mastronicola by Argentina, 1985

male revelation

Santiago Armas Estevarena by Argentina, 1985
Lucas Arrua by Alternate
Teo Inama Chiabrando by Sublime
Martin Miller by Sublime
Brian Montiel by Alternate
Joaquin Spahn by Jesus Lopez

Original screenplay

Mariano Biasin by Sublime
Sebastian Caulier by The mountain
Luciana De Mello, Diego Lerman and María Meira for Alternate
Santiago Miter and Mariano Llinás for Argentina, 1985
Agustina San Martin by kill the beast
Maximiliano Schonfeld and Selva Almada by Jesus Lopez

Adapted Screenplay

Nicolas Allegro, Barbara Scotto, Rodrigo Caprotti for White Baybased on the homonymous novel by Martín Kohan
Jorge Bechara, Matías Bertilotti and Sebastián Pivotto for an Argentine crimebased on the homonymous novel by Reynaldo Sietecase
Patrick Vega by Managerbased on the book “The manager of Noblex” by Romina Zollo and María José Acosta

Direction of photography

Ramiro Civita by The Reds
Victor Gonzalez by an Argentine crime
Javier Julia by Argentina, 1985
Federico Lastra by Jesus Lopez
Wojciech Staron by the hisfull

mounting direction

Pablo Barbieri by Manager
Alejandro Brodersohn by Alternate
Andres Pepe Estrada by Argentina, 1985
Leandro Listorti by herbaria
Ana Remon by Jesus Lopez

casting address

Maria Laura Berch by Alternate
Maria Laura Berch by Sublime
Verónica Bruno and Florencia Limonoff for Manager
Mariana Miter by Argentina, 1985
Veronica Souto by Jesus Lopez

Sound design

Lena Esquenazi by Alternate
Santiago Fumagalli by Argentina, 1985
Gaspar Scheuer by Sublime
Javier Stavropulos by an Argentine crime
Sofia Straface by Jesus Lopez

original music

Emilio Cervini by Sublime
Lucio Godoy by Manager
Jackson Souvenirs by Jesus Lopez
Pedro Osuna by Argentina, 1985
Jose Villalobos by Alternate

Original song

“Grandma” by Cristian Arriaga for Grandmothers, a film about (and with) the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo
“Ya no quiero” by Fabiana Cantilo and Marisa Mere for Exist
“Light” by Emilio Cervini for Sublime
“X-poned” by Hilda Lizarazu and Federico Melioli for exposed
“An irreversible instant” by Elena Roger and Santiago Walsh for The Paradise

Costume Design

Connie Balduzzi and Laura Perales for an Argentine crime
Virna Cortinovis by Manager
Fabian Luca by fanny walks
Maria Teresa Riveras by Slaughterhouse
Monica Toschi by Argentina, 1985

Art direction

Alfredo Arias and Nicola Costantino for fanny walks
Marcelo Chaves by Alternate
Romina del Prete by Manager
Catherine Olive by an Argentine crime
Augustine Ravotti by Jesus Lopez
Michelle Saiegh by Argentina, 1985

Makeup and Hairdressing

Melina Araya and Sebastián Molchasky for SVurdalak blood
Dino Balanzino and Angela Garacija for Argentina, 1985
Emmanuel Miño by Manager
Coni Pasqualicchio and Sebastián Correa for fanny walks Magdalena Puibusqué by an Argentine crime

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