The chef Ariel Rodriguez Palacios hosts his cooking show, Ariel in her Sauce, but on different occasions he manages to move or arouse different emotions, both in his colleagues and in the public. During one of his programs, the driver prepared an upside-down apple pie, but before trying it he decided to tell the story of his origin.

The chef began by putting his colleagues in context. “There are many recipes that are very simple but very tasty. There was a man in France named Curnosky who was a fan of his country and he said he couldn’t believe that when people went to his country they didn’t give him traditional recipes, so he it occurred to him to divide France”

He then went on to recount: “He took 26 or 27 countries in France and toured them, he said that his fun was to travel to all the places for 20 years and see what is eaten in each of these places, the history, who made it, and write down everything so that he can later there should be a compilation in kitchen volumes so that people can know what they eat”.

“His whole life he dedicated himself to that, and once he came to a town called Lamont LeBron and asked where he could eat the food of the region. He went to the Tatin hotel and the owners who were sisters attended to him. He tried the Tatin cake and He didn’t understand how people didn’t know him, he loved it, then he put the cake for dessert in a hotel in Paris, but he said he had to make some changes. He made up the story that one of the sisters started talking to one of the diners and he dropped the cake when he was going to deliver it, but he didn’t throw it away and he grabbed it all together and put it in the oven and didn’t realize he had done it backwards, so he called it an inverted cake. This was a Curnosky’s invention “ closed the story palacessurprising all his teammates.

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios said goodbye to Guillermo Calabrese

The chef and driver, Ariel Rodriguez PalaciHe started his program on Friday, April 21 in a different way than his fans are used to. Instead of entering with his characteristic joy, the cook began his program wearing a black sweater standing behind the island where he teaches how to make all of his recipes.

Standing in front of the camera, in a sober and emotional tone, he dedicated some heartfelt words to the cook william calabreshey your family “Today is a special, sad day for all of us who dedicate ourselves to gastronomy. A big kiss to the Cala family, from Calabrese, to everyone, to his teammates“, said Rodriguez Palacios starting his speech.

Sad day but our function, what he liked was cooking on TV, having a good time, having fun. From now on we are all touched and hurt but we have to get ahead as always “he continued, looking very moved.

But despite the sadness, the chef decided to run the program in the way he thinks he would have liked. William Calabrese: “Today we are going to honor him in the best way, cooking good food, good gastronomy. We’re going to court so we can recover”he expressed before the silent gaze of his companions Mica Viciconte, Romina Pereiro and Nico Peralta.

It should be remembered that in February 2022 calabrese had taken over the leadership of the cycle “Que Mañana”, a place left vacant Rodriguez Palacios with your pass to telefé After 12 years in charge of that program in Channel 9. On that occasion, the deceased chef dedicated an emotional message to him saying that he respected him “enormously” and that he hoped he could honor the space he had left for him.

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