This May 26 is the birthday of one of the most loved and remembered singers by Colombians, Diomedes Díaz. To celebrate this special date, several of his followers have paid him different tributes so that the legacy of this great artist, who passed away on December 22, 2013, is always kept in mind.

On TikTok, some videos have gone viral in which the “Cacique de la junta” sings, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the most popular songs of the urban singer Feid.

These clips have generated great excitement among Diomedes fans, who were able to hear his voice again in other songs. In addition, they are quite surprising, since it seems that they were really being sung by ‘El papá de los pollitos’, one of the vallenatero’s nicknames.

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In one of the videos, Diomedes can be heard singing ‘Yandel 150’, however, and the most curious thing is that he doesn’t sing it perfectly, because they change some phrases to make it sound more real.

“Oh, my love at both passed by you, get ready, today you run for mine, relax, right now I’m arriving in the forruner and it took you to the farm, to there, to Cartagena. And while you warm up, I see everything you never tell me”, is a piece of the song that the AI ​​sang as the ‘Cacique de la junta’.

In addition, there is another clip in which you can hear him singing the song ‘Si tú supieras’.

“Oh to ‘those horny ones that throw you mommy, all of those are my chicks. You forgot that you and I kissed after saying goodbye. I’m already tired of you uploading broken heart stories. I know you’re tired of listening to me, but listen to your heartbeat. Sorry girl, but the time I’m not with you is wasted time. I am in Barranquilla, it is hot, but my heart is cold”, is heard in the song.

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Several followers of Diomedes and Feid have been surprised to hear these songs and have commented:

“There is no, how is this event possible”; “So strange if today I have not taken”; “It’s great HAHAHAHAHAHA”; “I need more videos of these”; “The chief of the town”; “Hahahaha I pay for this Internet” are some of the most prominent messages.


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