The Disciplinary Committee of the Colombian soccer championship made the decision to sanction the position of Medellinfor the excesses that occurred before the game National vs. America.

Similarly, he suspended the South Tribune, where the events originated, with three more dates, and a fine of 12 current minimum wages ($13,920,000).

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“The Committee decided to penalize with three (3) dates of total suspension of the square and three (3) additional dates of partial suspension of the square, South Tribune and a fine of twelve (12) SMMLV, once evidenced that of the three (3 ) alleged behaviors noted in the evidence, the commission of two (2) was proven, consisting of acts of violence against people and acts of violence against things,” says the official statement.

procedural procedure

And it adds: “the Committee first highlights that this action was carried out ex officio and based on the instructional activities carried out within the framework of article 165 of the CDU of the FCF. 2 In accordance with article 157 of the Single Disciplinary Code of The FCF, once the aforementioned evidence was collected, required the Club Nacional to present the arguments and evidence that it intended to assert. All the evidence in the file was attached to this request.”

Around 6:20 in the afternoon, the evacuation of the stadium began.

The statement indicates that the Club acted at all times with due diligence, therefore, more than 24 hours before the start of the match, it sent a letter to the Presidency of Dimayor with a copy to the Committee, where it stated that it was highly possible that riots, given the threats received by various members of the “Los Del Sur” bar.

The threats had their origin in autonomous and administrative decisions of the Club against the elimination of a series of aids and economic benefits to said bar.

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“That among the measures that demonstrate the diligence of the Club, once the threats of disorder are known, are the following:: i) they sought to persuade and reconcile the situation with the members of the bar, and in joint work with the police and others in charge of the logistics of the Match, ii) strict control was exercised regarding the entry of prohibited elements into the stadium and iii) the security of the venue was reinforced, requesting the presence at the event not only of a greater number of police officers, but even that of Mobile Anti-Riot Squads (ESMAD)”, it is assured.

The fans point to the ‘Los del Sur’ gang for their recent troubles with the team’s directives.

Similarly, he warned that it was impossible to find out from all the attendees who paid their ticket who were willing to commit excesses, it being clear that the more the atmosphere in the stadium heated up and the situation worsened, more than 200 people who were in the outskirts of the stadium violently entered its facilities.

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