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Everyone wants a flawless and glowing skin especially during the festive season. While some turn to natural remedies, others opt for facials to achieve that glowing skin. As we approach Diwali, many people visit spas to treat their skin with facials.

A facial is a collection of skin care treatments that cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. This multi-step treatment will help your skin look younger. Before getting a facial, you should be aware of the common mistakes that most people make that prevent them from getting the desired results. Read on to know the mistakes you should avoid to get glowing skin after a facial.

Avoid bathing for a day

Avoid showering immediately after the facial. If you must shower, wait at least six hours. Washing your face with water washes away the serums and products used on your face during the facial. Let the treatment sit well on your face to work its magic. You should also stay away from soaps and shower gels, which make your skin use more of the face.

Avoid wearing makeup

Make-up and skin care products should be avoided after the facial as they tend to sit in the pores for a while after application. Let your skin breathe after a facial. In fact, applying makeup after a facial can lead to breakouts, which defeats the purpose of treating the skin. Also, keep exfoliators, toners, and retinol at bay for a week.

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Avoid exposing your skin to the sun

Your skin will be very sensitive for a couple of hours after the facial. Excessive exposure to harmful sun rays can damage your skin. Don’t forget to cover your face before going out in the sun.

Avoid skin contact

Your skin’s pores are open for a few hours after a facial. So, if you repeatedly touch your face, bacteria and dirt from your hands accumulate in the pores and damage your skin. So, curb your urge to touch your face after a facial.

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Avoid these common mistakes to achieve glowing skin after a facialAchi News

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