Uma Fabbiani turned 15 and celebrated it over the weekend with an impressive party. However, the daughter of Amalia Granata decided not to invite his father, the Ogre Fabbiani. This morning, the show partners they talked to Baby Etchecoparone of the best friends of leo squarzonthe couple of the Deputy of Santa Fe, and highlighted the father-daughter relationship that the protagonists have.

We had a great time, the party um it was very nice“, commented Baby first of all. Afterwards, he had a strong opinion on the situation. “They are family matters. Amalia and Leo they are like my family; I am always with them. What I know is that he Ogre I didn’t agree with the party, I don’t know what. They are family problems, see, sometimes you have to think a little about your children when you separate“, said.

I believe that you cannot speculate or negotiate with your children. When you separate, your children do not have to be hostages to anything. And if it sucks to go to the party of 15, it doesn’t matter. He is your son, the fucking mother. Also, to Amalia already Leo This party cost them a lot, in twine I say“continued the controversial radio and television host

After, Baby expressed: “They were at stake, I know what it cost them and they wanted to have the best for their daughter. I also don’t know him Ogre, I dont know how it is. But Leo He is a great father, he takes care of her um like a father and he was there very happy“.

about if he former soccer player and current coach contributed money, commented: “I don’t deal with their numbers, but I know that Leo and Amalia they banked everything. One thing I want to clarify, when they passed the story of um with music in a video Ogre I was in all the photos. They even had the kindness to put it, you saw that sometimes they put only one of the father. Not here, it was everywhere. You have to realize that the kid is wrong“.

Finally, Etchecopar closed by throwing out a piece of information about the relationship of Fabbiani with his friend. “I think that Leo wanted to talk to him Ogre and the Ogre he said he had nothing to talk to Leo. Other friends and I told him not to go because he has nothing to talk about“.

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