The most famous doll in the world, Barbie, who has dressed in elegant and typical costumes and who has honored famous women and of different races, had an inspiration.

Created by Ruth and Elliot Handler, owners of the Mettel company, it was born because, according to the owner of the company, “My philosophy was that, through the doll, girls could become everything they wanted…Barbie has always represented a woman who chooses for herself”.

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But the inspiration as such was one of her daughters, Bárbara Handler Segal, and they named her Barbie, short for Bárbara. In her first appearance at a toy fair, she wore a black and white striped bathing suit, black shoes, and her hair in a ponytail.

Today, Barbara Handler is 81 years old. However, it is known that during his adolescence he did not have much sympathy for the doll, by the number of comparisons that were made. Over time this ‘relationship’ changed.

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Handler always speaks well of his mother, now deceased. “She was a pioneer of her time, helping women succeed and they became strong at that time. She was strong, a person who went out of her way to help others. Most of the men in the company didn’t think it would be a good idea for her to be there, but she went ahead, ”said the woman who inspired Barbie.