Barbie Franco a few months ago she gave birth to Sarahthe baby that was born as the fruit of his love with Fernando Burlando. Since then, whenever she can, she shows on her social networks the day-to-day of her motherhood and how happy it makes her.

In instagramIn the last few hours, she confessed that she is tempted to find a little brother for the 4-month-old girl. “The best day of my life. Melancholy seized me. Shall we create another, Fernando Burlando?“, she proposed to her husband before her thousands of followers.

The first party of Barbie underwent a cesarean section due to the fibroids and the high blood pressure she suffered during the pregnancy of the little girl Sarah. Later, the baby was hospitalized for a urinary infection that left her for a few days in the sanatorium with her mother and her father. However, she recovered quickly and today she is growing up super healthy.

Barby Franco showed the eccentric toy with which she entertains Sarah Teasing

Barbie Franco enjoy every moment with your daughter Sarah Teasing, which is 4 months old. In a video that she shared on her Instagram, she showed how the baby stays upa of Fernando Burlando looking, almost hypnotized, at an eccentric toy.

It’s a Dance Hero Bumblebee, one of the protagonists of Transformers, who entertains her with lights and sounds. In fact, Saritah threw a tantrum when she ran out of batteries and demanded that she turn herself back on.

Far from being a great luxury, it is an average toy that can be found abroad for 15 dollars. “This doll offers an incredible singing and dancing experience. The robot’s arms can rotate flexibly and it is able to walk on its side. to show a very funny dance”, indicates its description.

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