This Sunday one of the most important matches in the Netherlands was suspended, between PSV Eindhoven and Ajax: player Steven Berghuis had two plastic beer glasses thrown at him during a throw-in. For 15 minutes the game was stopped, until the fans in the stands pointed out the brutes, security stopped them and took them out of the stadium. For two plastic glasses of beer!

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That, here in Colombia, is bullshit compared to the violence of violent bars. But, in white silver, it is quite an example, a demonstration of true and sincere political will, of social responsibility without the indifference of the ‘fans of good’ and of security action.

Esmad is present in Envigado.


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I repeat: first and foremost, from a true, sincere and firm political will to Zero tolerance to eradicate violent and criminal bars from stadiums. Without that, everything that is said or done is, in the long run, ‘bullshit’.

The most serious…

The most serious of the violent attacks and attacks by the Nacional and Once Caldas barras bravas last week were neither their criminal acts against people who left injuries, nor the damage to private and public property, nor the violent extortion for the close to 1,200 million pesos in “benefits” that Nacional withdrew from the bar –better late!– or that they have beaten and threatened with daggers against Once players.

The most serious thing was the official political validation of the barras bravas by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, through its mayor and his Secretary of Government, and a representative to the Chamber who was the leader of the violent bar of Caldas.

The stadium was evacuated due to the violent acts in the south stand.

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Before, in Bogota, the Mayor’s Office ordered to restore a gallery to a brave bar of Millionaires. In addition, little by little they have created a very dangerous post-truth in which objective facts are distorted and ignored, going beyond demagogy and bordering on bias.

Things must be called by name. Margaret Thatcher, the English prime minister who eradicated the worst criminal gangs from English stadiums, cried ad nauseam, until raising awareness in society, that hooligans were “animals”, “savages”, “criminals” and “amoral”.

Here, on the other hand, criminal soccer gangs are protected under the euphemism of barristas (so similar to cheerleaders!) and their criminal activities of micro-trafficking, robbery, extortion and intimidation are hidden under another euphemism of ‘social barrismo’. in the stadium and in the neighborhoods where they dispute the territories and impose their power.

The riots started before the match between Atlético Nacional and América.

That non-existent political will also belongs to the owners of the soccer teams. It is undeniable that several maintain a malignant collusion with those bars that impose their law of terror and daggers. Nacional, the largest of all the Colombian teams, sowed its winds and now reaps its storms.

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Talk to Tulio Gomez, the owner of América, one of the three largest teams in the country, and admitted that he gives 150 tickets to the barra brava so that some “make security in the first row of the stands, with a vest and everything.” That is unpresentable. I told him so.

To eradicate the cancer of the brave, violent and criminal bars in the stadiums, it is necessary to have a sincere and firm political will, and that is not seen here. Without it, everything will be as it has been: salutes to the flag and dead letter, euphemisms and post-truth. Serious…

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