A journalist from this country who has a lot of followers on his social networks, who has based his career on being a fan of more than one team, wrote in his
Twitter: “The best part of the classic paisa was the party in the stands”.

Then, the facts, to which the journalist should always refer -not to his heart or his opinion-, they forced him to back off as he has had to do so many times.

(The previous Meluk tells him: Barras bravas: political will and post-truth…)

Last Saturday, for the Antioquia classic between Medellín and Nacional, There were two deaths, called by the nicknames that the Police give to the darkest criminals.

In addition, in the battle between the criminal bars of both teams there were at least 14 injured according to official reports.

Two dead and 14 injured, just barely a week after the grotesque and violent pressure from the Nacional barra brava that with riots caused the game against América to be postponed and then, with the support of the Mayor’s Office, to maintain control paid for by the team the security of the violent bar for the violent bar itself.

Any resemblance to extortion is purely coincidental.

(In context: These are the barras bravas killed in a violent fight after Nacional vs. Medellín).

The complicity of the press

The injured were taken to medical centers.


Courtesy Antioquia Complaints

But the topic of this column is the complicity of the press and journalists, who turn a blind eye and refer to the bars with empty phrases.

As I have written so many times in this same column in the last 25 years, all of us journalists –I start with myself!– have been complicit with the “animals and savages”, aptly named after the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the example to follow to remove from the stadiums and imprison the criminal bars.

The press, which spends its time asking in a simplistic and lip service for “football in peace”, is an accomplice of the bars and a sinner in thought, word, deed and omission.

The first sin is to celebrate the color, the party of smoke and confetti, and the songs in the stands where the monster rises, as the colleague of the Saturday trill among the dead does, as the narrator and the producer do. from TV, the radio announcer, the newspaper chronicler and the barbaravas that infect and infest social networks.

‘Zero tolerance’ for criminal and murderous bars

The pitched battle occurred in race 70.

The press repeats that they are “two or three misfits” as if they wanted to hide cancer in a useless and servile flu to look good with the managers.

I have told so many times that there are entire strips of radio and TV programming thought of the barras bravas, and those who speak –“they guide opinion, heh!”– use their songs, their words, their sayings and melt in their scenery of typhus and flags that hide violence, crime and death.

The press is all a useful idiot, while asking for peace like the beauty queen who claims to admire Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I insist: the press must take a real, serious and honest position of ‘zero tolerance’ towards criminal and murderous gangs.

In Medellín, on Saturday, there were two deaths, after the mayor’s support for the Nacional barra brava. And a journalist from this country who has a lot of followers, who has based his career on being one more fan, wrote on his Twitter: “The best thing about the classic paisa was the party in the stands.”

We are screwed… The press is complicit!


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